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Thread: A serious bug in FW190 A5 ordnance release modeling | Forums

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    Here are first results of my very simple tests:
    1. Take ordnance of 1xSC-500
    With this bomb maximum ground level speed is about 460 km/h. After you release the bomb you would expect to rapidly increase your speed, but it remains still 460 km/h and looks like you would have the weight of the bomb still strapped on. Well you may think that it is the cause of the hardpoint, but no as we come to the second

    2. Take 1xSC 500 and 4x50 ordnance
    with it you get your maximum speed of about 430-440 km/h at ground, after you drop it all, what happens, nothing...your speed remains about the same.

    3. Take 2xaditional droptanks
    with them your ground speed is about 490 km/h, after droping those it remains just about the same.

    Conclussion: After droping your ordnance you would expect a great performance increase (degraded a bit by hardpoint), but it looks like the weight remains on after droping it. I don't know if it applies also to other planes, but these are my findings regarding the A5

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    are you sure ??
    didn't have the time to test it , that's a serious bug if it's true

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    it's true , in 3.01
    i've just tested it , it's a huge bug : FW-190 A5 is buggy after releasing the bomb , it flies like it still had it

    Please Oleg if you see this post , try to fix it in the next Official patch
    Thank you very much .

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    well I am at least glad that it isn't just mine hopefully oleg, or someone shall read this (and FW drivers of course too)

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    Senior Member Hunde_3.JG51's Avatar
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    Speed tests at SL with SC-500 loaded and outter cannons deleted:


    512km/h with bomb
    530 after (15+ hit from top speed)

    190A-5 and A-6:

    514km/h with bomb
    528 after (44+ km/h hit from top speed)

    FW-190A5 and A-6 with outter cannons deleted option with bomb-rack:

    560km (10-15km/h top speed hit).

    *Note all planes under Oleg's test conditions are 5-10 km/h faster than object viewer speeds. Some planes more like P-39N is almost 15km/h faster.

    So the problem is not just when it is released. The A-5 and A-6 are not any faster than the A-4 at SL with boost when carrying bomb, and when it is released it is actually slower than A-4 after release.

    I'll e-mail the big guy.

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    Hunde thanks, hopefully this shall get sorted out very soon

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    bump. yep, i got the same.


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    Senior Member Hunde_3.JG51's Avatar
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    Test results and track sent.

    No problem Arrow, glad to help .

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    Thx Hunde , that's a major bug , i hope 1C Maddox will fix it soon

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    Yes.. Antons lost A LOT of speed (in any condition) in 3.01 patch.. you canâ´t even keep it over 530 km/h)

    It seems to have a chute after him while diving. It seems that the "loosing speed with lower power settings and high pith" also got loosing speed anyway in pour antons.

    Currently antons are UNPLAYBLE - 40km/h loss is something we cannot live with.

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