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    OK first I'm really coffe311 but with a different name. Secondly, I've seen two kinds of people in the forum. The first wants multiplayer but usually have very different ideas of what they want. The second group is the people who all want only single player and they pretty much all agree on what they want. I'm one of the ones that wants multiplayer and I don't understand why the two are always arguing so feverishly about it. I mean, you don't HAVE to play multiplayer. So I think this arguement of single vs. multi player should end. Now if you'll excuse me, coffee needs coffee

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    Its not arguing, just discussing and debating.

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    I have to agree with clickhere123. A game about survival should be all about single player. It's the sole reason you'd buy it. I mean there are a ton of multiplayer games out there but not so many in the department of MORPG. Need more stuff like fallout with it's diverse map and quests. Playing online using in a shooter game, using weapons you find around, that due to the incident in the game wouldn't be very good or updated, would make it a very bad experience. So stick to Single player only where you have to spend 40 or so hours getting through the game.

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