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    Aaaargh. I was really looking forwards to this, too.

    I'm not sure if it was always like this (I originally played it on PC) but I've just played through the XBox Live Arcade demo, and the reverse-axis camera controls for BG&E:HD are horrible. Reverse X-axis and reverse Y-axis are both lumped in to the same option: "Look mode". So those of us who like our X-axis normal, and Y-axis inverted (like any good gamer who learned mouselook from Duke Nukem 3D... ) are basically bang out of luck. We can either spend the game staring at the floor or running in to walls.

    Is there any danger of adding a separate "Invert Y-axis" option? I was all set to buy this too (I very nearly didn't even bother with the trial version; lucky I did), and still will if the camera options are fixed. Anyone else in similar straits?

    On another note, why is this still happening in games? Adding basic control inversion options can't be much work at all, and without them you instantly rule out a significant portion of potential audience (around 25%, if this poll is anything to go by...). Your camera preference is even built in to your XBox profile now, so there's really no excuse.

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    I have the same frustration. I enjoy an inverted y-axis and a "default" x-axis when it comes to camera controls and have for years, whether in relation to 1st person perspective games or (in the case of Beyond Good and Evil HD) third person perspective games. I purchased the game based on positive press, but I find BG&E HD very difficult to play due to its control limitations.

    I'm curious whether or not a patch would be considered for gamers such as myself and hairysammoth. I understand from very brief research on the i-net that this was a concern when the game was released for the PC years ago and am surprised it was not addressed in this re-release.


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    I have the same problems!!! It is a catastrophe and makes this game unplayable for me.

    In the original game, the horizontal camera was autocentering and as such I was able to live with the wrong axis for up/down, but now in the HD remake, it is not anymore autocentering and I must do this myself with the wrong stick orientation. If I set the Y-axis to inverted the X-axis ist also reverted, which is a absolutly mess and a inacceptable problem for me!

    We have the year 2011 and the sticks settings are still that outdated. Unbelievable!!!

    WE NEED SEPARATE SETTINGS FOR X-/Y-AXIS!!!!!! As long this will not be fixed, I will not buy the game. I was so exiting to get a HD-Remake of this game, but now with this annoyance, NO THANKS!!!

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    Augh! As a big fan of this game, I was super excited about this and jumped right in without trying it out first. Hearing this is a huge disappointment, I also played Inverted Y-axis and this is going to kill the experience for me. If I'd had known this sooner I wouldn't have jumped! REALLY hoping this gets patched.

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    Oh dear - this is not good

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    I'm in the same boat, loved this game back in the day, but not having options for x and y is flat out stupid. I have been trying for an hour to get used to it, and I just can't. I really, really wanted this to be released, and now I finally have it and can't even play it.

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    I was just about to post this. The controls are broke. You either have both controls inverted or neither.

    I like having the y-axis inverted but the x-axis as normal. I now have to choose between looking at the sky/floor or turning left instead of right.

    Interestingly the camera (camera to take pictures) works correctly.

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    The whole menu navigation is one big mess, it's no surprise they neglected this option as well. I'll add my vote for a patch (maybe hell will freeze over and they'll actually listen to the community for once).

    I'd also like to note that D-pad support for the menu would be very much appreciated, I don't understand why you're forced to use the left thumbstick. Also, in the radial in-game menu you're now forced to hold the thumbstick down to rotate through the menu. Releasing it makes the cursor disappear altogether, again I don't understand this kind of change... Lastly, we're not that dumb that we need animated icons to tell us that we need to press up and down on the left thumstick to navigate through the menu...

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    Daroth, if you're able to, could you post some screenies of the menu?

    Is it very different to the original?

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    For the moment I'm unable to take screenshots, I'm not sure if there's any of them online... Visually it looks similar to the original menu though, the problem is mostly in the controls and new icons.

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