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    Michel Ancel Interview

    Sounds like Ancel is working hard as hell, Beyond Good & Evil 2 in the morning, and Wild in the evening. This quote was interesting: "Of course there is the narration. but belong more to the player's actions"

    Seems like player choice, could be hinting at multiple endings.

    I got broken translation from google, if anyone could summarise this from French to English, would be appreciated .


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    I'll take the time to read the article soon, but just replying based on your post, I hope we don't get multiple endings.

    That is something that works nicely with Mass Effect for example, a game that was designed that way, but I very much want the BGE2 series to be Michel's vision, and tell the story he has in his head, and be very narrative focused.

    Speaking hypothetically, I think it just makes me care for the characters a lot more, when I know there isn't some sort of alternate timeline where Pey'J was never kidnapped and tortured by the DomZ or whatever the situation may be.

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