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    Jan 2009
    My fellow forum members.With the blessing of our dear mod Chris aka Bitebug,it's my pleasure to announce that the Hot girls thread is open for business.

    Here you can freely discuss and post pics about your favorite girls in general(films,modeling,music,entertainment etc).

    Rules for this thread:

    1)No nudes and keep them and the disscusion tastefull(E-rated)
    2)No MILF chats and anything that could be classed as offensive to women

    Have fun.


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    Senior Member FableB's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Claire Forlani

    I adore her face...very beautiful. I have a drawn picture of her, drawn it myself and I truly value that picture.

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    Senior Member mboltevski's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Claire is such a swetheart.

    She and Jessica Biel are amaizing.

    Be back with more girls.

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    b. b.. bu.. but.. where am I gonna find pictures of all the local forum girls?

    <sub> Don't say Pic thread </sub>

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    Yeah boi!! What a thread.....

    Anyway, i present Kaley Cuoco, some might know her from the Big Bang Theory, others from 8 Simple Rules. Hot? You bet your bottom dollar/pound/euro.....
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    Nazareth, Israel
    Cristina Scabbia:

    Btw, Ultimate Guitar is on page 500 of the second pics of hot chicks thread, lol

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    The shallowness of this thread astounds me... btw, woot for cristina! I shook her hand at a local show a couple years ago! marta from bleeding through is pretty awesome too. you should check her out, khaled. LOL.

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    The Matrix :p
    Alessandra Ambrosio (Victoria's Secret)

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    Angelina Jolie. I think i don't need to put a photo. she is (for me) the most sexy women of the world.

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    @Khaled: Lacuna Coil

    Ok, I'll post my first one. I completly freaked out when this girl appeared on 24 (she was a teen back then )

    Elisha Cuthbert

    And for those who love High Definition in these type of photos, here we go


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