Not true m8. The review I mentioned also said that there was no difference in performance of the 7800GTX from using the 3500+ to the FX-57, that the card gave all it had.

I have found this to be true myself. I upgraded from a 3500+ to a FX-53 with no improvement in my X850XT PE. A friend upgraded from a FX-53 to a FX-57 and his X850XT PE gave no better performance. For both of us, as far as playing this sim, we feel we would have been better off saving our $$$ and staying with our original cpu(s). The review I mentioned tested the 7800GTX exclusively and found the same to be true for it, as we had for our X850XT PE's.

As long as a cpu allows a card to give all it has, it doesn't matter how fast the cpu is. If the 3500+ allows the 7800GTX to perform to its' fullest, then the FX-57 won't better the card any.

So go grab you a 3700+ with its' 1Mb L2Cache and 2.2GHz speed for $233 retail boxed and enjoy the rest of your investment. You can save $30 and even go with a 3500+ for $203 retail boxed. I just figured the 1Mb L2Cache would be better for you as far as gaming goes.

Here's the review I mentioned here and in several other threads over the last day or two:

If you have time, it is an interesting read. If not, just jump to the "Conclusion" on the last page.