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    Would love to have some construction tips on escort evasion. I usually dive DEEP.. maybe 250 to 300 ft. (I love the sounds of the hull creaking) Go to silent running and zig zag my course.

    Also, I always thought that when they dropped DC's and they explode, it disrupts the enemy sonar for awhile.. not sure if I see that happening.

    Also, I thought that is you can get in the middle of the convoy, there are so many props in the water that it helps disguise your pos.

    Any other thoughts?

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    yeah i agree w/ u, i just try to avoid them for now until i get better to avoid dying lol

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    Same here... dive deep, ahead slow once depth is reached, silent running, zig-zag away from the last ship I hit. I might go flank speed and rudder hard over at the last minute, if a DD seems to be coming right at me.... trying to use the DD's hull noise to mask the maneuver. Timing is tricky on that one though, especially if you're not using the external camera.

    There is something I want to try, but haven't had a chance yet -- hiding at shallow depth right underneath an immobilized ship; either one where you've shot out the engines, or a kill that hasn't sunk yet. In theory, the DD's couldn't reach you with depth charges that way, and any active sonar return would be masked by the ship above.

    It would be easier getting into position with the external camera, but if it was an actual kill, you'd have a marker on the map and could do it that way. It would suck if the ship did decide to sink while you were under it, but it still sounds like a fun maneuver. Has anyone here tried it?

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    Guys.. a little help.. if I talked about suing UBI I would have 50 replies.. I wany to play the game better and have more fun.. any assists!

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    Your ways are definitely the best. Get deep under the thermal layer (disrupts sonar), Do a "Sprint and Drift" type technique. Don't keep your engines on for more than 10 seconds at a time, then use your forward momentum to drift. Also, right when a DC explodes, go to flank then cut engines. This way your prop sound is makes by the DC's and you get a lot of momentum (enough to travel .2-.3nm)

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    cool thing is the thermal layer works both ways.

    i heard sonar pinging and dc's going off thinking it was close but when i passed the thermal layer going up, i realized those ships were way off.

    cool huh? see whay you learn from watching tom clancy movies. :0)

    strange thing thermal layers and sound. i wonder what the science is behind that.

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    i would hide under ships in sh3 it works but the dds sometimes will stay around the cripled ship for long periods of time . if you have any torps left you can line the dds up if there circling close to you not shure if it works in sh4 havent had to try yet

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    Guys for what it's worth, I posted a summary of ASW tactics about a week or so ago, you might find it interesting/useful.

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    Where.. can you link it plz..

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    posted April 2nd, "Jap TF ASW Tactics"

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