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    I Only got 1 DLC Code for Assassin's Creed Revelations for the UPlay nothing else but a French Card for the Bonus Content on Assassin's Creed Revelations

    Can someone please help me? cause the Bonus card I did get was french only thing I could understand was the link, Please Help

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    i am getting a out of sync / sound issue. on Ps3 i deleted the data/save game. Reinstalled. Got to the beginning were ur hanging from a rope from the carriage. And it started freezing again. If loads of people are having this, its not very aceptable to sell a product like this surely?

    Anyway hope this gets fixed.

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    Glitch within story mode
    during free roam, sometimes dropping from the ledge of a building can cause you to fall out of the map and into water.
    If the camera shift up you can see beneath the city.
    Cant get back up since you fall out of map, so i just reset last checkpoint or change costume.

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    I read in another post if your code isn't working to try it with the dashes (-)and that works. Good luck!

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    Its 7 PM here. Im wondering where the Day One patch is...

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    The day one patch i believe has already been out for me... it came up straight away. I believe anyway. But it didnt fix the problem for me of voice unsynced. THe background music is non extistant at times and it crashes at certain bits with a white flashing rectangle in middle of the sreen

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    I have the money glitch where the game doesn't update my income every 20 minutes. I thought the patch was so supposed to fix this?

    This is a very bad glitch because I will not be able to renovate the city without that income.

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    Day one patch is 1.01 right (available since last week)? if so, that's not the one fixing the bank issue. Please, pass the info to the team so they can work on it -- I've finsihed the game and I haven't even got half the weapons :P

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    Ok so the 1.1 patch doesn't fix it?

    I have no clue what causes the bug. I just know I no longer get my money every 20 minutes. Why are how this happens I don't know.

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    No, there was a patch some days ago. I think 1.03. DayOne Patch should actually be released today. still no update.... 10 PM

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