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    LOL you suck b!tch. here's proof
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    Do we have to keep SHOWING you proof?! N'UFF said, LMMFAO!
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    lol if LADY_XOTIC owns u both noobs.. i dont even gotta try , enough said , get on my lvl h03z . btw nice picture, i dont see a score tho .. & Pantera or midnight, grow sum balls & 1v1 me .. if not then keep on lovin me or h8tin me xD
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    & BTW BOY TOY, I ain't hatin' Im just RETALIATING........ YOU were the one who came in here & originally started DISSIN' ON HLL, LMMFAO! Im just responding to your DISS' SOOOO...... GET A LIFE, & FOR THE LAST TIME, STOP havin' wet dreams about me & pantera! Cuz that'll be the closest thing you get to gettin' laid...... which I get every weekend!
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    The pic doesnt need a score cuz im pretty sure you remember sending that after getting the sh!t knocked out of you by BB. LOL!. AOS is just a failed clan and i already told you plenty times to show up on haze and get owned but you're too scared. if you think xotic is so great (thats if the he-she is in on what youre saying cuz sounds like you just bring up any name to try change the subject that you suck so bad) but whatever bring your hermaphrodite boyfriend along so we can have another person to smash.
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    lol !! midnight stop thinking about me being wet, u make urself look gay LOL u must really wanna see my d!ck or sumthin. Pantera u suck everyone on HAZE can own u: DiES, XOTIC, HUGO, FRED, BROLY, WM, ROACH, SYNEX . lol the list is sooo long i'll just stop right now . Pantera u never prooven $h!t besides u a pu$$y as b!tch.. u wanna 1v1, tell me straight up so i can woop u, infront all ur n00b friends.
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    HAHAHA! OMFG!! ME, thinking about YOU being wet!? I think you misunderstood my last post. It was the OTHER WAY AROUND!! LMMFAO! Are you THAT stupid?! Kinda sounds like YOU are the one havin' wet dreams & gay thoughts about ME! LMFAO!! Listen, I don't know wat kind of "VIBE" you gettin' off me, but I don't play that way. So go have gay thoughts elsewhere, AWAY FROM ME! & BTW you keep wanting 1 on 1's pretty damn bad. Just goes to prove pantera was right!! LMMFAO!! YOU ARE A ONE-MAN CLAN!!
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    LOL.. Looks who's talking, ur like the worst HAZE player ive ever seen, i'll defeat ur TROOP with my REBEL using just a pistol in POW xD !! BTW yea AOS has 1 player left in HAZE, ME .!!! & yea u can say that im a "ONE MAN CLAN" or more like "ONE MAN ARMY" i can destroy all ur pathetic clan HLL & UTS on my own . oh yea, i'll be waiting for you to buy Black Ops so we can 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc..
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    LOL see we all knew you were just a lying B!TCH looking for attention when you said you had all kinds of members underneath you and that they were in black ops blablabla suck a D!CK you lying fa g. listen to your buddy synex about how he was giving HLL props as being the best and that is coming from one more person who is way better than you... LOL you know what?? i heard something that is really gonna make you sound like the biggest pu$$y to ever walk haze..... POW are saying that you agreed to having a clan battle with them... so how come you agree to a battle with them but you won't take on HLL in clan battle?? (bring your butbuddies with we will rape you all makes no difference what name your account says.. you are all done for)LOL and you even make excuses like saying we arent worth your time but you take on POW?? enough said
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    LMFAO yea we gonna 4v4 POW in Black Ops .. & SYNEX dont have a clue who i am.. HLL is a piece of 4hit in HAZE i'll 1v1 each & every 1 of u. i bet i will take out ur whole clan except SNIPE. btw SYNEX , ME = teamHHH_G4NGST3R a.k.a HHH best SNIPER a.k.a HHH best player
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