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Thread: Clancy Con 2 Weeks - Free PC Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter & Penny Arcade Tshirt | Forums

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    That's right, once again Clancy Con is bringing all of the Ubi communities together (briefly) to remind those who still aren't registered! Those who register and sit in the Clancy Con section will be receiving a ultra pimp <span class="ev_code_RED">Penny Arcade Clancy Con Tshirt</span> and a copy of <span class="ev_code_GREEN">Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the PC</span>. GO GO GO!

    Ubisoft is proud to present the first official Clancy Con, event hosted at the World Series of Video Games LanWar event in Louisville, Kentucky. Register now (Make sure to select Clancy Con seating to receive your Clancy Con Official T-Shirt designed by Penny-Arcade!) for the June 15-18 World Series of Video Games event! Join Ubisoft and thousands of your fellow gamers for 4 incredible days of gaming, competing, food and fun! You will also have a chance to compete against other players for cash and prizes in both the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighterâ"ž¢ World Championship Tournament and the Far Cry Instincts Predatorâ"ž¢ Tournament.

    Official Forums .:. Official Site

    So no one has a heart attack: We will be showing as many Ubisoft games as possible and be playing the available Ubi games in the BYOC as well, so while this is called "Clancy Con" it isn't just for Clancy games.
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    Whee, the multi forum thread is back! yay

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    Every Ubisoft forum from top to bottom unfortunately.

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    VFA-25 C/O
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    Not a bad idea
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    Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez not again...
    Yes I'm that 'ol Luftwhiner and darn proud of it too.
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    Cool and for once I did not break teh interweb!
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    quick question. Is this a PC tourney or console?

    [edit] I see now its 360. LOL they're giving away GR3 on PC but they won't use it in the tourney. ""messsage""

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    A thread to combine all forums?!?!

    Thats just crazy!!!!

    Nah... not signing up.

    Psh... world series of video games... how much geekier can it get?

    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">Univers Elven series of video games...</pre>

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    That's all great and dandy, but most of us live 800 miles or more from Louieville... good luck with all that...Maybe it would work better posting this at your local game supplier..hell even post some at Best buy ... but, by a show of hand can we get a count as to who might be going to this gamers emporium...

    With as many problems other people ( not me )are having with this game and it's patches....might not even want it free...

    driving that distance Right !!!!

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