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    Originally posted by Shaunzy95:
    How do you get the Ultimate armour?
    Please, don't answer that. Or at least post in white if it's going to hurt.

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    This is a little too Spoilerish for me... moving now.

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    You know what's great about the armor this time around... the bracers actually match!

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    Just for anyone who don't know.

    I think you assign 5-7 Assassins (Rank 10 Recruits) to a Den and you will unlock Master assassin missions, Then on the final Mission you do, You get the Master Assassin armour, Which in my opinion, looks Awesome.

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    Originally posted by CriticaHit:
    And finally (this is off the main topic) when I was going through the guild challanges, for the Assassin's challanges you have to recruit 12 assassins but I'm stuck at 11/12 with no way to get more. I'm assuming this problem happened because you're [/Spoiler] <span class="ev_code_WHITE">basicly given a recruit during the story</span> [/end Spoiler] and I'm also assuming to get this challenge done I'll have to get one of my recruits killed so I can recruit someone new.
    No, its what I did but you don't have to do this. You can recruit a lot of assassins.
    In each city you take under your control with the system of assassin's mission, you can assign few assassins (from 2 to 5). Those assassins settle in this city and you can recruit new assassin.
    This system is poorly explain. :-\

    For armors, I realy like th Ishak one. But I don't want to wear a mask during storyline mission so I use the Master Assassin armor for storyline and Ishak for side quest and free roam.

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    I think the guys at ubisoft messed up a little on the texture of the Master Assassin armor because everything is pretty mixed up. If you notice on Ezio's arm, you will see that he has some of the starting armor on from when you first start the game which makes the armor look horrible.
    I hope in Assassin's Creed 3 the spend a little more time on the textures of the upgraded armor sets.

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