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    Well I bought this game for $15 and had a heck of a time getting it to assign my X52 axes's. Finnaly after endless clicking I got it assigned but when I try a training flight either the axes dont work, throttle, rudder, ailerons, brakes....ect or there is a Loooong lag time to get them working.

    Basicaly I cant even fly. This X52 setup works perfect in every other flight game. What gives? Thanks.

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    I think the instructor has control of the plane,try a fast mission

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    I assume you did save and name them in your settings in the Controls/Axis section.

    You should also check from the outside view that everything is moving and in the right direction. Best done when sitting on the runway. I beleive there is a quick mission that starts on the ground or you can easily make one in the FMB if you know how.

    If its a lag issue what are your system specs?

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    Yes I did save them. I'll check to see of Instructor has control, yes about 30% of the time I could see response in F2 view. One brake would work, one rudder would occasionally work, I was able to lift off once.

    6 mo old i-7 system. 8 gigs ram, GTX-580, blah, blah. Thing is I had a heck of a time even assigning the axe's. I had to click assign about 20 times and move the control until the right one took.

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    That certainly is odd. I use a 52 with little problems. Are you saving to a profile then loading that profile. I could also send you the profile I use. If you use :Teamspeak: you could log on the the "help" channel. If you PM me with a time we could go through it one step at a time.Just do not get frustrated !!! everyone has had some issues, they all get worked out eventually. Trust me this sim is the best out there


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    Hmmm weird, check the game isn't corrupt. Open.. Steam/IL-2/properties/local files/verify integrity of the game cache

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    Double check the assignments, the reason it took a long time was that your axis are spiking and CloD is very sensitive when mapping controls so if one axis wiggles just a little tiny bit before the other one does, the wrong axis gets assigned. Are you still testing in the training? Please start the quick mission for cross country flight, that one is a ground start, change the plane to a hurricane or something, then try your controls while on the runway.

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    First off thanks to everyone for the imput. The only way i can verify axis spike is to look for it in Saitek control panel, and I dont see any. But I'll increase deadzone anyways.

    As for verifying integrity of game cache how does one do that?

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    Open Steam, go to Library, rightclick on CloD, go to properties, go to Local Files tab, click Verify Integrity of Game Cache...sit back and relax (with crossed fingers).

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    Well I got the axis points to work. Now its time to hobnob a profile togather for the game in SST. Saitek SST doesnt like many macros and I have to come up with a custom hybrid map using keys that work. First I have to find what controls are needed to be mapped to my controllers, which are most important. Then I have to make a bomber profile, vehicle...ect

    Whats the easiest way to set trim? I have 1 notch trim mapped but it doesnt work very well. Is that a combat trim/center trim setting I see? Thanks. Also on some aircraft the gunsight is to far left and I cant find a keymap that moves the pilot/site to the right. Its not a problem with TrackIR but sometimes I like to turn it off and use snap views. Thanks.

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