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Thread: My new map, Winter Cabana *Not Safe for 56k" | Forums

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    Jul 2004
    I have been working on a map for a little bit, and I think it's time to show you all what i have so far.
    It is a large cabin sitting on the cliff of a mountain.

    This map is far from done, so keep that in mind.

    These are some screen of the exterior and interior. I dont have many walls up, but those are coming as soon as i model all of the furniture.

    UPDATE: OK i haven't been working on this for a while now, but i have just come up with a new brushed steel material. Since I dont have the model that the material is supposed to go on ready, I will just show you with it applied to the toilet.


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    hehe looks cool, a great map for some good sniping singleshot

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    lookin' good so far. can't wait to see more

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    Yay! Finally i saw your map you were talking about Mr. Mic. That looks great. Are the insides though gonna be filled up with more things besides blank hallways?

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    uhhhh... yah - add mor stuff ;D you can't hide inside the hut... :/
    but kinda original map idea - after hospitals, museums, warehouses, malls etc... a mountain hut

    PS. a little thought just appeared in my head...
    SingleShot + FN2000 + his_sniping_skills + a good map for sniping = ...
    I don't even want to talk about it... I'm still freaked out after our game a few minutes ago

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    [Sarcasm]I like all the decorations you put in the room [/Sarcasm] I like the fact that it's an 'original' idea. There should be at least one snow level for every multiplayer game out there. One problem for the spies would be: White Snow + *Black Spy= Total Pwnage (*black uniform mind you !) After this, you can work on a jungle level. That would be unique; and props to me for bringing up the jungle idea.

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    mercs cant go outside, or even look at the terrain in the back of the house. And trust me, there will be many, many rooms. The map will also be way way darker, those lights are just for reference right now.

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    [Off Topic] OMFG. Yo, Mr. Mic, (Single Shot) I just saw your video, that's insane sniping skills ! Props to you. Any tips ?!?!

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    It's hard to judge by screenshots of empty well-lit rooms, but like you said, it's early in the process. I like the theme though.

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    Alright! Another map to look forward to. Is there a fire effect in the editor? Just thinking that a fireplace would look cool inside. If the outside lightning would be evening or early morning, it would be so moody.

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