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    Hello there i just download the IL2 Sturmovik 1946 from the UBi shop and i have aproblem with the registration code, i canot receive it!

    I put the serial that they gave me and when i try to connect with their server for sending me the activation code sais

    Server communication error

    An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

    Any suggestions? Thanx

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    Nobody? Any suggestions?

    The Tages server appears to be down i cannot even connect to manualy activation!!

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    Here, try installing the latest Tages drivers and see if that helps:

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    I already do this and nothing happend! Something else?

    Maybe the servers are down. I have to wait? until when?

    I paid and i want to play now! Isnt it?

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    Hmm, not sure. I'm wondering if perhaps there is a firewall problem, can you try at a friends house? If it works there you should be able to download the install file (not sure how ubi does it these days) and then take that on usb drive or disc back to your pc.

    P.S. Check your PMs

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    Thanx Urufu a lot!!

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