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    I just re-installed this game the other day, and still love it, unfortunatly i cant find any games online to play, they all kick me out within a minute or so due to my high ping, because the game servers are not in australia, there in Europe or USA, so my ping is high, i got a brand new PC, and my ping runs around 250-350 depending on the server, how do i lower my ping?? i have tried to drop graphic details , that dont work, i just want to play. are there any servers out there that cater for aussie gammers still??

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    I assume we're talking far cry 1?

    Do you know what ping you have to local servers?

    Here's a page where you can check it out:

    Changing graphics or anything else won't help you any. Increasing broadband speed will most likely not affect anything either (assuming that you have a 2mbit connection or more)

    There are some programs that update windows in some way to decrease the ping, but they generally don't improve much.

    I'll wait for the answer before proceeding.

    (sry if my english confuses you, I'm über-tired...)

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    thanks for that i have tested using that site and the results are

    download - 1312kb/s
    upload - 215kb/s

    Ping to Melbourne Server is 41ms

    and yes i was refering to Far Cry 1.

    what does that info tell you??



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    <span class="ev_code_RED">^Bug? </span>

    Well, your speed is good enough (+ a lot more) and your ping is also quite good.

    Sadly, I think there is no solution to this.

    Wait a sec and I'll try a guide I just found, if it decreases any for me I'll send you a link.

    Naah, that was all a bunch of crap. Some report it to have worked thou, so I'll give you the link here;

    Gave nothing what so ever to me, but you can try if you want.

    There's sadly no way to make the internet go faster, if you don't know that you have low-quality cables or something like that. Long distance to ISP (the main-place you're connected to) can also increase ping.

    You're not the only aussie around, I've seen several others asking for australian servers during my time here. See if you can find a clan or something, there are still some around.

    Sorry I couldn't help you with this one...internet's evolving so if you're lucky they'll come up with some brilliant idea which decrease the ping...

    Though, the distance between AUS and USA is, like, 1000miles?
    Speed of light is 300000km/sec
    That's 30000miles/sec


    If they manage to keep the connection between AUS and USA cooled down at the absolute minimum all the way, removing the resistance totally, you'll have a ping of ~3.3MS.

    (I'm probably way off here )

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    Hey thanks for taking the time to try and find a solution for me.

    the only way i think it can be better fixed is to buy far cry 2, or will the same thing happen, can i ask is FC2 currently supported well in australia with servers? or are they only overseas as well?


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    Far cry 2 does have way more servers as of now, but it's decreasing fast. You'll surely find servers as it is today, but in a few months, I'm not sure you'll be as lucky. It all depends on how ubisoft proceed, or if they do at all.

    Remember that far cry 2 is not similar to far cry 1, other than both being FPS games.

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    Get on the CAKEORDEATH server in the games server list!!!That one works fine for me(adelaide) but theres not many people there? So get on all and lets fight!!

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