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    Took your advise re a new computer. I would like to finish the game on it. How do I transfer my last save to the new one. Please be very specific....I'm not as computer savvy as most on this board....but will try anything!
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    You will find the game saves in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Myst V End of Ages\sav. There is a subfolder for general settings (Startup) and a subfolder for each player (Store1 through Store5).

    Install the game in your new system and replace the save-related files with your old ones. Good luck!
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    Dara, thanks for your response. I'm still on my old system, and can find the saved file that I will need. You say.."replace the save related files with your old ones". Ok but how do I do that????? Thanks for your help
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    Just put the saved game folders into the same directory on the new computer, overwriting any existing saved game files. The game should detect them automatically.
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