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    Bombsight Table 2 is a development of original Bombsight Table.Imperial measurement units usage has been corrected, now it correctly displays distance in nautical miles and speed in knots. The function is enhanced with bombsight angle calculation for manual release of ordonance and with measurement of distance to target (based on manual flight data input).

    SHIFT + PAGE UP: Altitude +
    SHIFT + PAGE DOWN: Altitude -
    CTRL + PAGE UP: setting IAS +
    CTRL + PAGE DOWN: setting IAS -
    Alt + PAGE UP: setting Distance +
    Alt + PAGE DOWN: setting Distance -
    SHIFT + PAUSE/BREAK: show / hide program window


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    Fantastic work as always, thanks
    Cheers, Spinner

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    Awesome work!
    A must have for bomber pilots.

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    Excellent work, but I just have 1 question, would different weights of bombs alter the bomb release angle?
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    Thanks guys much appreciated S!
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    Excellent, I've been using the 1st utility, and it works very nicely. Now that you say the imperial measurements have been corrected, B-25 bombing should be even more accurate!!
    Whit ye looking at, ya big jessie?!?!

    Za Rodinu!
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    Excellent! Thanks!

    I too have been using the Bombsight Table with much success.

    Now, is this a standalone or a patch?
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    This program rocks, it is a well thought out implementation and very useful in several ways.

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    Great work guys, this makes GreaterGreen bomber missions that much more fun!

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    Nice work WT, will test it out tomorrow for sure
    I like the time remaining to target info.

    S! wild

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