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    i just bought the game and spent an hour trying to figure out why i couldnt get online! FINALLY i get on! then when i go to join a game it says no available matches is it really that dead or am i haveing a problem! some one help

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    BA1, very little.
    BA2, lots do, but rooms end up getting full.

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    I have the same problem with the added complication thet my Joystick will not configure so I am currently using the keyboard. I had a email from ubisoft that made some suggestions but it didn't help. I have been able to get on line by using a site called
    xfire. any suggestions how to get my joystck working?

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    look in they all sorts of free games programs and much much more. Hope it helps.

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    Iwanna play b lazing angels

    hello people I got the game But for some reason I can oplay onkline but I really would like to prove it my email is deleted
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    I also bought this game, I have played this before on my friend's computer and I was kind of pleased by this game quality, graphics and the mazes. The game is simply brilliant and I love to play it, I can say I am addicted to it.

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    I play Blazing Angels 1 on Wii, it doesn't have online, it's still a good game though.

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    I do, got both of them, like the second one a lot better play a lot, good to play with other people. However some of the plane stats are wrong on both of them but still love it. Don't have online though but still play and love it alot.

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