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    Im loving the multiplay manhunt but geez im at the stage where it's so frustrating.
    I guess im trying to learn rather than just play at the moment.So im stuck between trying to play smart and rushing in.

    First off i was getting 6 kills easily ( lvl 5-6)now im lucky to grab 2-3 ( lvl 23) and im seeing the attackers if im blending almost everytime but you think i can get the timing right.
    There is just no time realy to get things right such as the lock etc, oh well keep trying

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    Play another gametype/try different strategies. This game gets you frustrated A LOT. Good luck and add me if you'd like.

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    More at the point of trying to figure tactics rather than all out attack

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    Well, in manhunt, if you see that your target is shared by at least two team mates (so three in total), switch it.

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    (I'm hyper for some reason...)

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    Good point AC, I've been doing that and taking off in the other direction. Ive been going more for team points i guess.

    Thanks for the welcome..

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