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    Originally posted by pwengland:
    If anyone can put a 250Gb EIDE hard drive to use, its yous.
    New, I've had it for 2 years but didn't use it.
    WD2500JBRTL to be exact
    Hard drive has found a new home!

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    Originally posted by FlatSpinMan:
    If anyone wants to get into the game, or even just try it, I have a set of IL2 Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters to give away.
    I also have the original Lock-On plus some old games (in good condition) - Hidden and Dangerous, Homeworld.
    Is that lock on still available, never got around to trying it?

    If anyone wants 'need for speed undercover', its up for grabs, brand new as in only been in my comp once, won't install on my comp.

    cheers fruitbat

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    I happen to have a copy of Silent Hunter 3 laying around that isn't going to be used anymore.

    a few other games available also.

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    Interesting thread and nice to see such generosity from the community.

    Bearcat, are swaps permitted ?


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    interesting idea XF.

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    Originally posted by xf86config:
    Interesting thread and nice to see such generosity from the community.

    Bearcat, are swaps permitted ?

    Sure.. just work it out in a PM...

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    SWAPS?Nice stuff including kits /cd rom and lot of books ...


    Been having a rough time trying to sell some items so going to put them up here and see if anyone's interested in SWAPS!Just post what ya got or PM me .We pay our own shipping/postage I guess... NB Ebay links are ENDED.

    TWO x Action Stations Books (Yorkshire and NE/Scot/N Ire)

    Lovely 109 Bundle-kits and tamiya cd-rom- with Added Storch!

    Napoleonic Stuff anybody!?

    Janes Battles With The Luftwaffe (8th AF Vs Luftwaffe) TORN DUST JACKET

    FW 190 Combat Legends Series - Peter Caygill (Like Osprey but less , BIGGER colour profiles)

    Lore Of Running , Tim Noakes . - A must for all from the casual runner who wants to know the basics of training and what makes us tick to top level coaches.Simply the ultimate runners book .Over 900 pages with EVERYTHING from sample training programmes of numerous great athletes to physiology to mental training...VERY heavy postage cost will be substantial.

    Training , Lactate , Pulse Rate . Janssen .BIG TEAR ON REAR COVER -PIECE INSIDE . This was once THE bible for pulse rate monitor training but that is a long time ago now .It was practically the Polar company's manifesto!VERY good for those into tech with their training eg pulse rate graphs on pc etc ...

    ****** BELOW FREE ****** (I will even cover postage/shipping worldwide)

    No Passing Glory .1957 Leonard Cheshire Biography -Hardback .One page torn out but still in there. Not a bad RAF Bomber Command pilot bio but be warned there's a fair bit of theology in there towards the final third ...yeah ,religion !Of course the man was a true legend ...set up a worldwide organisation of homes for the very ill .

    The Visible World . Mark Slourka - Paperback - I never really gave it a chance but it didnt grab me ...comparisons with The English Patient seem sacrilegeous!

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    Freebies gone ,no interest in the rest for swaps?

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    I have an old MS ffb pro joystick (the gameport version) up for grabs if anyone wants it.

    You need to have a gameport on your PC and be running windows XP, as I think Vista and 7 did away with gameport support for game devices!

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    Just saw this thread. Cool beans. I've got loads of stuff I keep in my famous Box O' Stuff that my wife would love to see go.

    Honestly most is likely dated at this point and I just built a decent IL2 rig from a good portion of it for my Dad who has shown a real interest in getting involved after all these years. Gave him a full CH setup + TIR 3 pro. Actually, it's probably a good thing I didn't see this thread a few weeks ago, but oh well.

    Either way, I'll pull an inventory by this weekend and see what I can scrounge.

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