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Thread: Do military shooters disrespect veterans? Or do they help us to understand them? | Forums

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    With military shooters proving to be immensely popular for a decade now, it got me thinking – is it right to be playing games based on real wars in which real people died? It’s amazing fun, but is it respectful?

    But then lots of people watch films and TV about war, are those any worse than games? I think that to some extent, games help you to understand the nature of war by bringing you into the soldier’s boots, rather than just watching.

    I have written more about it at . I would be interested to see what the Brothers in Arms community feels about this.

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    I'm an OEF veteran and I've never had any issues with military shooters - then again I've been playing video games since I could first walk so I'm biased I guess. About the only thing I have issue with in regards to most shooters is a serious lack of authenticity.

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    I would be interested to see what the Brothers in Arms community feels about this.

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    Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    Semper Fi

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    I feel games like COD are -disrespectful being to strong of a word- out of touch, as they make killing seem easy, (one guy with a sub machine gun disembody fifty people in 5minutes). But BIA has an authentic feel. especially on authentic difficulty. It is near impossible to stand up with a 'Grease Gun' and wipe out 5 guys in one clip, even if you are on the flank and you will get absolutely no where without a Base of Fire team pinning them down.

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    as a gulf war vet don't have and issue with these type of game keep telling my just a game and I am at home-as long as I can see no harm is done I am alright but when something uninspected happen out my site then it active my PDSD

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