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    As far as being a spy, really the only thing a spy can do would be send messages during a game. Otherwise what? you find out so and so has a legendary tank, billy bob has 2 legendary gunships. You can gain just as much information about your opponent playing against them as playing with them. And i certainly did not need to switch factions to find out a russian cv is very strong. or euro artillery is fast. The topic is people with muliple accounts(rank 12.) Being that i have 1 jsf account and two russian accounts i would be a hypocrite to say having mulitple accounts is wrong. To me its all about the individual and why they use muliple accounts. Like i said above the game would be more authentic if ppl could only have one account. And like you said mars, most people have muliple accounts. People who hide behind other names are probally the one doing the things that made these guys start the thread. Those who openly admit they have other accounts and there names i dont see anything wrong with that.

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    s vodka i assume ppl accused you of being a spy. Ive gotten that too. thats why i carried on about that above. By the way just as many ppl think jsf has unfair advantage too. lol... An old timer told be just the other day that russias strength used to be better but they changed it. can you imagine them being stronger than they are now.. lmao

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    i guess in reference to the spy thing...ive came back and told mars that the russian tank has a unlockable machine gun that attacks airborn units and what russians i play with kill all the time. its little bits of info i share to help my boy out but if i was REALLY trying to win the war for my facton i would say nothing....once jsf always jsf? idk

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    i think the dl content was their attempt to balance the factions....i already beleive russia has had a huge upper hand, i can imagen what hell oldtimers had when they were arguably stronger!

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    Yo Mars,

    Indeed i have several acc. and almost the best record which i played 50% of my games on euro but still when i count all my accounts im No 1 or 2 persistent (6500-450). So i dont profit from it, i only lose, but i dont care about that. But its true some people have many losses on their first accounts and claim to be elite. I dont say names but i can say some 4/3 star players have alot of losses without ppl knowing it. Its easier to become a so called topplayer by the community when u use different names. A new name will always raise questions in the community. Personally i think losses dont say that much, its more about your learning curve. Like kpow is not good. I played him on all my accounts and he dont learn. Doesn't matter if u loss more then a thousand games but i wanna see progress in ur tactics. I beat him a while ago in a 2vs2 on pascagoula and maxwell when i was russia and i came one time in his room on pascagoula with VR (they invited me) and he still played the same old strat, which we defeated without any problems. Then u dont learn from your mistakes. Change the strat and learn from ur mistakes. Or dont change but get more unit skills to perfoms ur strat. Like weedbazooka wasn't elite i think(sorry bro haha) but he learned and played alot of games on every factions so he made progress and now he can compete with the best. Its about getting better, so ur losses marsflyboy dont say me that much. Just get better every game and dashboarding is one off the things which make u getting thrashed by other people.

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    Hey yo i see some ppl got problem with multi acc . I mean come on guys ... u get more games by ppl who change their acc thats 1 . 2 u should be happy when 4 example u play as euro and homi is on his euro acc i mean i'm ;] but to the point as homi said its all about geting better so what if u got 1 acc and u cant win a game with most ppl . I think most of u who have problem with multi-acc r guys who care to much about their units . and they always scared to lose them but what do i know. To add something to this if today i play with my m8 [efec] that means i can't play with other m8 [jsf] next day unless i change frac/ bull**** get a life haters . All the best to fair players ! not many left ;/ gL

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    Originally posted by smkestck-sTONY:
    So why dont we settle this like gentlemen and get on your little russian account and play us, i mean what else can be done??

    @weed for sure brother we should go pick up the old russia acc and kick smoky#s as again like every game we did,and see him dash

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    Ill be waiting, why dont you go ahead and post it on the Challenge Arena and we will post the results. Looking forward to it

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    Some people never switch factions cuz they are super patriotic. I sware I've heard that b4.... Idk I'd rather have the knowledge of all the maps and what my enemies capabilitys are.

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    iv played as euro for 2 years on this account without playing as another faction but i recently made a russian and jsf , although euros are my first love and my favourite faction im sorry i didn't make the other 2 accounts sooner . the experience on other maps with other factions is priceless , maps i never see suddenly became available and i find out the strengths and weeknesses of each faction for myself . its the way forward without a doubt.

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