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The Assassin's Creed Experience - Comic-Con Day 3

Assassin?s Creed Unity Arno Master Assassin CG Trailer [US]

The Assassin's Creed Experience - Comic-Con Day 2

The Assassin's Creed Experience - Comic-Con Day 1

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    Ok people, here are the answers you want:

    As can be read in the wikia, the Divine science story pack HAS been released at as RAR files with the story artwork, videos and text. Also, the DDS program has been SHUT DOWN by Abstergo as part of the in-game world's story, so Project Legacy is most likely officially finished, dunno why they did not leave the notification there.

    The Erudito page of the wikia points to an ARG of sorts, the Abstergo mailbox, so if you're bored with project legacy you can try going through that.

    It is sad that such a great game stopped being supported but at least Ubi released the material of the last story pack for our viewing pleasure, they should have made that more visible at least!

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    Quote Originally Posted by morgan-gw View Post
    A late game is only late until it comes out, a bad game is bad forever :-). I'd rather they take their time and do it right, instead of rushing and giving us something buggy.
    I understand that philosophy Gypsy, but 10 and 1/2 months is way to long to say "Coming Soon" just sayin to throw us a bone once in a while.. if yo know what I mean

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    Question DDS 2.0 finally?

    Heads-up: Project Legacy has been unavailable for several hours now with an unusual maintenance image. They may just be running late on maintenance there but maybe it's finally a DDS 2.0 rollout!

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    Well, as usual, false alarm, PL is dead, finished whatever was possible today, was a good ride at least.

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    Has PL completely died??

    I wasn't finished with the story!

    If this product has been neglected, I'm going to be furious. Atleast keep it there for the public to finish off! I was really enjoying it!

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    Heh, I managed to get to Level 100 before they updated the game, glad I won some bets.

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    Question Possible Implement onto Mobile Device?

    Is it possible if you could create an iPad/ iPhone version of this? Considering the fact that Recollection is out, maybe combine the two together? I don't know. Just a thought for another update...

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    Could we have an official response from Ubisoft about this game please!

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    I agree with you. That way we would at least know what is going on. It does not even seem as though they are even checking the Forums anymore. I am about to Tweet the crap out of them in a second. They will get like a thousand tweets from me haha. All they have to say is: Hey PL is cancelled, or We are still planning on updating it. Something rather than ignoring all of our posts. I am just a little peeved that I put so much time into playing it and getting 2 level 100 only 4 it 2 be cancelled. This whole experience has slightly shaken my undying Love for Ubisoft lol.

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    You want a response? Start filling out support tickets and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Literally FLOOD their service with support requests. I am not joking. They ignore the forums, and close tickets without even bothering to look at them. They have to take notice if people begin to literally harass them.

    [EDIT]: From my own support ticket response: "...there is no further development being completed for Project Legacy at the moment. Any and all updated information that may become available will be posted directly to the Project Legacy Facebook page or the official forums..."

    Better start harassing them people.
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