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    Can't get Assassins Creed to play in full screen mode. I'm running a core 2 quad, nVidia GTX 8800 with 4 gig of ram with Vista. I'm sure it's a simple fix but I can"t find it. Thanks, Qane
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    Pressing ALT+ENTER should help.
    You could also look for the Fullscreen option in the game's .ini file:
    \Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Ubisoft\Assassin's Creed\Assassin.ini
    Simply change it to 1.
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    i also have this problem. very annoying!!!! i will try it out and hope it works. some-1 knows other options to fix it maby?
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    Two choices:

    a) Press Alt+Enter

    b) Run the DX 9 version. (look in the Assassin's Creed program folder for the DX9 executable).
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