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    Only mods and admins can make sticky topics. Not the regular members.

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    are we allowed to make political statements?

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    Hitler was a sensitive man

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    Conservatism > Liberalism


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    I need quick help guys
    i get rayman 3 on pc and it lags at time and then becomes smooth this happens quite a lot of times but does not go for long my system status

    DirectX 11
    windows seven ultimate
    nvidia 9400 GT 1 gb
    214 gb hard drive space
    4 GB ram

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    Man,you have a super computer! I wonder why it lags...

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    Me and my friend had the idea to get 100% in old games we used to love. Both him and me, when playing Rayman2, had the same glitch:
    In the Echoing Caves fase, after getting to one certain check-point, it says "Please insert CD". You can see that one of the bridges is missing, and the barrel keeps respawning and falling into nothingness. We both own our own original games, and we don't take the CD off at any moment. So far there has been no answer to this glitch online.

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    Use that @#$%~ing patch

    Wait,you said that it did not work,so i just don't know.

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    I have a question.

    On the Lums Quest my rank is always 0 and the hell is that?

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    Another question, are there currently any plans to re-release Rayman and Rayman 2 on Xbox Live Arcade? I don't own a PS3, which makes this an issue.

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