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    Am using PS3 version, taking photo's was several hours of frustration, and thanks UBI for having NO information in the manual. Now i have finally found the area in the desert i keep crashing into the ground because of the sandstorm, there is NO horizon so how the hell am i supposed to bank left to make another attempt when i can't see the horizon. Why even include a sandstorm?? Games are supposed to be fun not irritating. This is the first game i've had to go searching online out of pure frustrating to get help, the manual is mostly useless. My first & last UBI flight sim purchase.

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    Sorry you are having trouble flying. Really all I can say is keep trying. I have beaten the game (pc) and it is very tough to avoid the ground. A tip I learned was if you hear your engine suddenly rev up loud, then you are flying almost straight down (a.k.a. towards the ground) pull up if you hear that. also, see the two bars in the bottom left? One will get really tall when you are pointing the right direction, the other will get taller as you approach your destination. That's all I can say. Good-luck!

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