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    Hi Guys,

    As some of you have been asking about what player name you will be using for multiplayer in the MP part of ACB on PC - I have official word..
    David Coulombe, Producer for ACB PC has confirmed, that a players multiplayer identity is tied to their Ubi/Uplay login…

    So whatever your forum name is (which should coincide with your Uplay name), that will be your name when you play multiplayer.

    You can only have the one profile for multiplayer.


    So - what does that mean?

    If you have made a silly or random name, and use that to register the game - you are stuck with it..

    if you have a different Uplay account, due to playing on consoles before joining the forums or a older account you wish to use, with a better name, it might be wise to use that one when you register the game - be aware that any Uplay points / awards on the other account may not be able to be transferred - so you do so at own risk..

    Support are not able to change user names - so choose wisely when making accounts, remember that any Uplay awards may not be transferable to the new account - forum post count is certainly not.

    If you are going to make a new account - due to poor choice of account name in the past - then remember that you should only use ONE account [of your choosing] for posting on the forums.

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    What if your name is a violation. Like a really bad curse word or something nazi etc

    (I don't have a word like that)

    Also. I registered Shaitaan1986 on uplay to play Assassin's Creed 2. I can I register a new name to play Brotherhood, right?

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    Ah, so I guess that makes me kriticalraine on the PC too, maybe I'll take that screenname on the ps3....

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    I wish I could use my steam id


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    Originally posted by kriticalraine:
    Ah, so I guess that makes me kriticalraine on the PC too, maybe I'll take that screenname on the ps3....
    Your going to play on PC also! You don't know who I am, but Iv seen all your videos on youtube while waiting for it to come on PC
    - Can I add your psn ? (not really sure what that means though)

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    I am sorta confused, the username in MP is our forum name here? Because the only thing that bother me is that in MP it's xazur, but I want it to be Xazur, is that too much to ask?

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    Dont you consider allowing players just a single change of their nicknames? I created my uPlay account some time before ACB was released and i am stuck with my email name :-/

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    hello i just wanted to know can i change my uplay name to something else?

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    yea... we need a patch to change our multiplayer name...
    or... theres a easy way.... change the rules in the website to allow name changes.....
    and leave the email not allowed to change.
    it~s pretty easy
    i dont know why ubisoft, that is a great company, with awesome games dont allow us to change our names in the ACB multiplayer mode T_T
    at least allow us to change one time...
    that would perfect allready, one time only... =/

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