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    Hi Ghost Recon Devs, things have been awfully quite around here lately, no doubt you're very busy!

    Whats going on? Is this game still going to see a public release in Fall 2011? Has it been delayed? What about beta releases, when can we expect that in different parts of the world?

    Any info would be great, thanks!

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    It seems like they've forgotten about us ..

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    Hi guys!

    No, we haven't forgotten you, it's just that we want to focus on quality, before quantity.

    Right now, the Closed Beta is running for some French players and very few German players.

    We're testing the game, again and again, in order to resolve all currently existing issues.
    So that's our top priority for now, which explains why we haven't moved the Beta to other territories (yet).

    On a brighter note, when Beta starts, you'll have a game version that has been previously tested and, therefore, not very buggy

    Our next territory to be integrated will be England (small portion of the UK waiting list), in the coming weeks, so don't despair... your chance to test the game will come, soon

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    would like to know when this comes to the us

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    Please give me a beta key NOW i'm getting impatient.Everyone at my family is saying i'm not gonna get one so please!!!!!!

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    Originally posted by radcrab123:
    Hey radcrab123,

    In addition to Mathias' comments, we're also undergoing beta in the US region. However since we're improving the system in order to give a bigger number of gamers optimal game experience, we're limiting it to a few.

    Don't worry, you're country is not last. As you know, each region have different requirements in terms of localization, connection, operation etc., we're taking one step at a time to be able to deliver an excellent service. So the pacing of the key releases really is dependent on what development requires.

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