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    Some users have been experiencing issue during Sequence 11. What has been reported is that when you return to the present in sequence 11 IF you shut off your console when you start back up you are in the hideout and you can’t go back in the Animus.

    We are aware of this problem, and we are glad to say that it will be solved through our upcoming patch.

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    Senior Member bornforhaze's Avatar
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    so... will this patch be fixing all the other issues? Like freezes, glitches, screen tearing and frame rates?

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    Junior Member pharos33's Avatar
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    ^ Would be interested to know this as well... when will the patch details be announced?

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    Details would be nice. From what I've seen, people have been returning the game in droves. Some words of comfort from you guys would be helpful.

    Please fix the screen tearing.

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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET US UNEQUIP WEAPONS AND ARMOUR! People really want to go around wearing the original clothes. Also make it so we can choose to keep a weapon if we have an empty slot because when Brutes knock it away the next sword I take becomes my own automatically.

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    I could care less about SQ11, fix the freezing!

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    Why don't you tell the tech team to stop blaming the hardware, and start recognizing some fault with the software!?

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    Hi Atmon!

    This is great news!
    Do you know if this patch will fix corrupted save data after having the problem with SQ11? In other terms, will this patch repair my data, or will it just avoid other gamers to have the SQ11 bug?


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    Originally posted by bsrj22:
    I could care less about SQ11, fix the freezing!
    Agree! I was told to exchange for another copy in hope to have the freezing problem goes away. But it'd freeze when I just walk around, I'm not sure if the walking around the codex area is where many people had the game freezed. And it would take a few minutes to freeze. Common!

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    Agreed while I'm sure the Sequence 11 problem is annoying, I can't even get passed sequence 1 due to freezing.

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