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    Hey guys, I'm playing assassin's creed on the PC as you all know. Whenever I enter eagle vision, I cant see anything at all, the whole screen is just an extreme white color, and there are no highlighted people or anything at all, the screen is just white. I really don't know whats going on unless it's suppose to be like this...
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    Well, not everyone glows in eagle vision, just special interactive characters.

    Anways, the screen generally glows white in a very bright manner, so things in the distance are not quite visible, but if you cannot see anything at all, then it is probably just a problem with your video card, or the video driver not being up to date.

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    Yeah, I literally can't see anything at all in eagle vision, even guards who are standing practically directly in front of me just disappear when I enter eagle vision...I'm assuming it's my graphics card but my graphics card should have no problems running this game...

    It's a sapphire radeon x1950xt... Maybe I should go looking around for some drivers...
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    It's a good thing eagle vision is generally pointless then, eh?
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    Indeed, update your video graphics driver and your directx aswell. And if goes well you must notice a diff. then.

    I don't if your card / Operating System is DX10 compatible but try DX10 installing for a change.
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    Big loss if you can't use it.
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    Why? I went through the whole game without using the eagle vision properly. Sometimes I used it when I was messing about but I don't think I would benefit from that...

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    i also meet this problem
    is it like this?

    if so, i think you should close the PostFX in graphics option to avoid this
    maybe there is something not compatible with my GF7900GS video card,and on 8800GT there is no such problem.
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    Hey guys I had this EXACT same issue. I went through the whole game fine. The last battle was a pain since everything would overbloom (ithunder I'm assuming thats from the final fight?). Also you guys may have noticed that certain lighting causes altair's body to become transparent when it is behind him (check the windows around the animus).

    So after beating the game I realized why this was happning. I was forcing AA through the control panel like I do for all my games. I know people say not do ever force it but I have never had any issues in the past. After setting it to have the app control AA, eagle vision and the final fight are much much better .

    Hope that helps
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    Same problem here with an ATI X1950XT (

    The only way to clearly see in eagle vision is to desactivate PostFX, which also fix some bugs with the lights (visible behind a wall, etc...).

    Hope it will be fixed in a future patch (game or driver).
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