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    I have that combi, because, cannons have the best attack bonus, a flag berear gives a bonus to all, and a few horse should keep melee enemies at a distance off cannons. Because 3 pikeman at close can actualy kill 1 canon. Which is not so good, as for the same price for 1 cannon, you can make 4 pikes. Thats why I bring a few caverly.
    Guide to Confederation of Faith

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    As night says, There isn't a way to get cannons at the start. I'm in my start sector after having defeated the guards, i have the ability to get any resource i need from trading... But no matter how many Guardsmen and musketters i have there is no way to defeat a Rampart and then the green player with maxes out heroes.

    Totally stuck! How do i do it??

    Please help :/
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    The yellow opponent has no cannons on the fortification of his city; your army can get in easily. Once you have found the plans of the stronghold you can build cannons.
    Besides of that, you can strike with five armies.
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    I so need a walkthrough or something like that too it seems i always mess something up in my game. Usually i succeed in getting some tradeposts but than i lack all the funds to rebuild even 1 army not even to mention people talking about a second or third army.
    Help would much be appreciated, also i would like to mention that help in this case would look like a plan from beginning to the end. Mentioning how many of each resource to place etc. etc. I know it's maybe a bit much to ask for but at least it would finally be out there Many thanks in advance (not only by me i guess). On second thought it might not be neccessary anymore since i've passed it already. Still thanks anyway.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a bunch of the trading post, and I've taken over many areas on the map (bribery) but I have no idea how increase my army. Not sure if I'm missing something or if my game is messed up. I'm almost 3 hours in, I have everything I need except an army. PLEASE HELP!

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    OK... well i skipped one of the animated scenes and maybe missed some key info: right next to the trading port is a very small building that allows you to create cavilers. Create 10 and you'll be on your way... took me 7 1/2 hours to beat this one but I KILLED it. Once I figured out how to start my army. After that you will be able to research technology's as well. good luck.
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    Escape of the North

    Still can't figure this out... HOW do you get to the yellow player, since he is on the other side of the island? There is something called nautical maps on the trade map but it is locked, how do i get to this? I am so lost on this mission!!
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    You have to defeat the green player (prison ward Boris) first. As you fulfil each of the tasks on the mission board, new ones will pop up.

    The nautical maps will be unlocked later in the game. You will get the plans for a stronghold after you conquer Boris and free Rovyn.
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    Defeat the green player with all his cannons?? I tried several times, he kills all my soldiers in no time flat
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    So I have tried and tried and there is no way to defeat green without the Stronghold. And there is no way to get to the yellow player who has the Stronghold plans without the nautical plans. So there is just no way to move forward in this mission unless I am missing something really obvious.

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