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    Hi Guys,

    While forums are still realatively quiet, now is the time to plan for the future...

    To try and keep the forums tidy, we are creating some dedicated "Community Discussion" threads for the main topics usually asssociated with the FC Franchise.
    This will either be done by new threads like this one, where at the inception I will try to capture a few "killer" posts from other threads, or we will just hijack an existing thread and change its title.

    If a stand alone thread is raised that could have been posted in one of these, the new thread is likely to be closed and the poster redirected to the correct place to have posted.

    This one is the place to come to discuss The Weapons of FC3.
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    i loved fc2 guns.
    but we need way more guns.
    Snipers : the strongest should be a 2 shot kill so it wouldn't be over powered.
    aussalt rifles : same as fc2 :P
    smgs: same as fc2 but more than 3 smgs like fc3.
    pistols : same as fc2!
    more launchers.
    maybe killstreaks would be putting more players in the team ????

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    They should have old weapons like the AK 47 again, not new weapons and common weapons like the m16. FC2 got it perfect for age.

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    I loved the weapons from the Fortunes Pack DLC

    But the fact that they did not work in user made maps was a total disgrace, plus the crossbow only allows 3 shots which was poor in my opinion - 5 would have been better.

    It would be nice to see those 3 weapons return in FC3 but to be honest I would like to see some more options which could make everyone happy with the multiplayer side of the game.

    First I would like to say that the weapons worked very well in Far Cry 2 speaking of the single player campaign, I have got through this many times and always enjoyed it - there is not a lot I would change with the single player, the degrading weapons and jams did not bother me because a safe house was never that far away and we could also pick up guns from dead soldiers, Another factor was been allowed to carry 3 types of weapon and also carrying both grenade and Molotov, better still when the player is purchasing upgrade kits the weapons performed even better and also held more ammunition and allowed us to carry even more grenades and Molotov's.

    But my opinion of the multiplayer side of the game where weapons are concerned is that the whole thing is a rushed mess that did not quite work properly.

    Having been part of the Far Cry Instincts community and FCIP scene it was not nice seeing about 75% of the gamers walk away because of Far Cry 2,s abysmal multiplayer experience.

    This is what we previously had.

    The Ubisoft Mercy Creek map had one rocket launcher inside the waterfall - there was no weapon class system and all players start and re-spawn with identical weapons, it was up to them to collect other weapons which were placed around the map.

    So if you wanted that rocket launcher above you either went inside the cave to pick it up or you killed a player that was already carrying it.

    The weapons carried more ammo because there were no ammo refill crates.

    In user created maps we had up to 50 slots to use which counted for weapons health and armor - imagine the change going into FC2 after loving the previous system, now imagine if the Far Cry 3 developers took that away from you guys who love the weapon class in FC2 and went back to the old system - that would be an outcry to you guys.

    FCIP weapons above - 22 in total including health and armor, some weapons can be duel wielded.

    The way ahead to make everyone happy.

    <span class="ev_code_RED">Weapons and Classes</span>
    I feel that this will be one of the biggest problems you will get with Far Cry 3, there is a huge split/gulf in what people want.

    Those that started on FC2 first will no doubt love the weapons and class system, where the ones from the first Far Cry hate it (from the majority of comments I have heard and read)

    I think that the duel wielding days from Instincts might be over but my opinion from a map makers perspective is that the weapon class system killed the majority of bigger maps, I am a run and gun type of player that generally makes mid sized maps which require action and quick paced game play, now in Far Cry 2 I had to tear up my previous methods for maps because of the sniping class, Usually I would place a sniper rifle in an area of the map that suited each team/player but with FC2 everyone could choose that class, any map that has a long straight area or open area is dead because of that class (sniper) now had the vehicles been a lot more reliable and quicker I might have been able to get around easier but everything with that game was so damn slow that they basically clean up unless the map is made especially to counter that class.

    I think you need to think seriously about catering to both old and new Far Cry gamers, the old players could have 2 options called Classic which allows the maker to place weapons in the editor, then in multiplayer when selecting classic you play using only the weapons placed in the map.

    In the other setting Normal you would select weapon classes and play the game as normal, no need to place weapons in the editor if you didn’t want to so you could select normal mode in the editor.

    For someone placing weapons in the editor the map should work on both modes because when played on Normal Mode in Multiplayer, players could use their selective class and spawn as normal (weapons would only ever show when in Classic Mode and Player Classes would only be active when in Normal Mode)
    To keep both parties happy I think you need to adopt that method.

    Or we could have these choices in the Map Editor.
    Their should be 3 options in the map editor:

    1) Weapon Placement Only

    2) Character Classes Only

    3) Classes AND Weapon Placement
    You could then play the map which would start and play using option 1,2,3 - If option 3 is used then players would select a class to start with but would also be able to pick up weapons from dead players.

    If the above is not possible then we must have an option to select (as an example) Rockets Only or Pistols Only, or an option where we can select a main and secondary weapon of choice so that everyone is the same and users can play the map the way they wanted, should they want snipers then they select that choice (I think the way to go is to have the Class System and another Option like something just mentioned)

    I do not really have any preference in what weapons we get, I did think it odd that a Saboteur would start with a crappy dart gun and I would expect his class to be quicker where a heavy gunner would be slower moving (if you go with classes)

    The weapon I hated the most was MGL40

    My usual choice was either the Saboteur Class using anything but the IED, or the Commando Class using any weapon except the M79 Grenade Launcher

    MK-19 Tripod (I hate the way the map shakes when the shots land from this weapon, it’s pretty cool at first but after a while it becomes very annoying, the weapon itself is deadly but fun to use, just take out or limit the screen shaking so it's not with every shot.

    I would also expect these classes to look different in multiplayer games, even better if you allow players some custom kit to dress themselves differently - as in the previous Far Cry games.

    <span class="ev_code_RED"> STEALTH in Far Cry 3</span>
    From the video shown and the interviews conducted we now know that Far Cry 3 has a stealth element - does this mean that the tree traps & claymores will re-appear?

    Back on Far Cry Instincts (way back) on Xbox 1 we had the Claymore and the Tree Trap.

    Basically you could collect a set number of claymore's and set them in areas of your choice, anyone that got within a set range would trigger the claymore off which would result in death or a big loss of energy/health.

    They were very good for stopping land vehicles in their tracks and easy to hide in areas and on items making them difficult to spot. The good thing is that if you spotted them you could shoot them and detonate them.

    Another thing is they were very easy to place - the process was very quick and swapping between items was like the blink of an eye.

    Here is an early picture which I found on the net showing the claymore in action - It was one of my main killers in Far Cry along with the grenades.

    The Tree Trap could be planted on any trees at the desired height, I always thought the lower the better and close to bushes and plants could make them extremely hard to see - even on an ATV these would knock you off if you ran into one, I was very surprised when I purchased Far Cry 2 to see that Tree Traps and Claymores were not in the game - I say bring them back.

    Tree Traps were useful in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, In the single player game you could set traps and then wait for a patrol to move close to your area, by throwing a rock ttowards the traps the patrol would be alerted and would go in search - if you got it right they would often walk into the trap to their death - it was a class way of killing people.

    A guy walks into a tree trap above in singleplayer.

    A player could carry Molotovs / Claymores Pipebombs and use up to 7 Tree Traps, After using your allowance once a claymore detonated or tree trap was triggered you could then plant another.

    Now this picture below is new to me and must come from the PC side of Far Cry, I have no idea how many of these you could use or if they were even any good, it would be great to get some feedback on what people thought if they even made it to the game.

    The Molotovs and Pipe Bombs came with FCIE Xbox 1 and FCIP Xbox 360
    Pipe bombs were good but they were a pain in Steal The Sample mode when people used them to camp around the sample, much like the IED in FC2 on Capture The Diamond mode.

    The Developers of FC3 have some big decisions where weapons are concerned, one other option which supascoopa brought up was the choice of Weapon Upgrades which could be placed in User Created Maps - these upgrades would make a significant difference so players would then have an aim to get to them and at the same time learn the map, this is a choice I like.

    If it was my decision I would go with the following.

    1. Keep the Class System but allow players to carry 3 weapons and allow both grenade and molotov (if those are used)

    2. Along with the Class System allow an alternative choice like Original Mode where all players start with the same weapons and they can pickup weapons from dead players.

    As earlier in the article allow weapons to be placed in the editor along with weapon upgrades and from the multiplayer menu allow Classic / original mode / or standard same as FC2 mode - class system.

    3. I would also bring a handicap into the mix so anyone with the noob tube weapons would be heavier or slower which would be the penalty for having such powerful choices.

    4. Allow players to select all rockets or all pistols or all snipers - but no refill boxes when selected - instead allow more ammo in the weapons to allow for a fun game.

    5. Weapon Refill Stations - Love em or Hate em - maybe an option to turn them on or off in a match would be welcomed.

    I think that gives enough to allow every type of gamer to customize or select the options which would allow them to play the game the way they want in multiplayer keeping a happy community.

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    lambchop, I question why you are not hired as a creative director in this game.

    I make my statements on this forum without any expectation of results. What i'm bascicaly doing is stating my ideal game and hoping to turn FC3 into that game.

    have MANY weapons, have new gadgets, have innovative ways to kill, have some new vehicles, make weapons easy to kill with. make far Cry completly realistic, make one shot to an enemies leg put them down and in shock.

    I'm just speculating, I understand that there is a lot of programming in things like that.

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    lambchop ,i like the traps and those would be just awesome to make but if you put them in multiplayer i would rather kill myself especially with claymores , the biggest mistake cod made was claymores and im happy that fc2 didn't have claymores thats one of the reasons fc2 is my fav multiplayer game!

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    A great idea would be mounted guns.Not only machine guns.Put mounted snipers too.
    I love the claymores idea and the tree traps.They would be a cool thing in the game.

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    supascoopa asked me to add this to his list.

    this is what i have for that...

    Weapons & Gear
    • Author selects weapon choices.
    • Include weapon crates.
    • Include weapon upgrade pick-up.
    • Include snares, traps and proximity mines.
    • Allow duel-wielding weapons.
    • Allow players to carry grenades and molotovs.
    • Ability to shoot while reviving teammate, on ladder and behind the wheel.
    • Include flashlight.

    As for the claymores you could only carry a set number and once you laid one if you left it and walked a set length away it disappeared - this stopped the map from having them everywhere which would be a problem.

    As for the tree traps you could set 7 of those things at different height from where you could reach to ground level - going prone and slow usually let you past but these things were deadly in Far Cry Instincts taking roughly 75% of your health in one swipe.

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    No stupid Fire-mode changing, I like my guns to feel unique. I personally hate that idea! That's why all the guns on battlefield feel pretty much the same!

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    Originally posted by o0Kman0o:
    No stupid Fire-mode changing, I like my guns to feel unique. I personally hate that idea! That's why all the guns on battlefield feel pretty much the same!
    I see where you are coming from, but I've gotta disagree with you on that one, at least here in FC3 where approach and play styles can change in an instant based on the situation or terrain.

    I personally prefer a system where I *can* use a selector switch, because it allows for more play styles and versatility. It can turn a bullet hose into a sort-of accurate weapon if I need it do for that mission or scenario, instead of getting caught with my pants down because I had planned on going all close-range and brought a subgun and an AK and then find out that I'm getting shot from a distance without a way to respond short of "spray-and-pray." I don't want to always be forced to carry a short range gun and a sniper rifle just to cover all my bases.

    An additional consideration (for me at least) is that FC3 seems to be trying to go a bit more for the "realism" aspect than many other games, and if they are going to do that they should model the guns after the real things, that is with selector switches (where applicable). I know that some people may not consider this aspect to be a big deal though, and that's completely fine; it's just my own personal opinion.

    All that being said, the game should remember what mode you were using if you switch, so that if you DO prefer to only use a single mode with a particular gun, you can do so and not always have to switch to it.

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