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    Geesh, I'm certainly lost my touch. I've tweaked things to be so difficult, no mistakes, got killed my first patrol.

    Next career ran into the large invasion force that invades Ambrom, but coming before it almost mixed together was a DD killer group. I only sunk one merchant and spent 3 hours evading.

    Now off to the Timor Straits to catch the large CV TF making it's run into the Indian Ocean, 5 carriers, 5 BB's and about 20 other warships, one of my favorite groups.

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    Yarrr, I still be playing, only I don't tweak much, takes away from the flavor. I have taken to playing in realtime, now that's an adventure, it's simple, play when ya can, never use time compression, and save when life gets in the way. Days and days of sheer boredom, hours of exciting hunting, minutes of lining em up, and a second of YESS!!!! When ya hit, then hours of evading the tin cans, sitting low on the bottom, sweating and waiting for the charges to crack ya open, finally the cans move off, and whew! Back on patrol...... I recommend it.

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    WVT, if you don't 'vent' from time to time, then you end up like the guy with the bullet in his head. DEAD! Personally, I would rather see you vent.

    As for playing, I did last weekend, but I am still at work and expect to be for another two weeks.

    I'm finally on 'holidays' for the next 6 months, so I expect to be playing more often now.

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    Finally fired up SH4 and loaded up my multi-month old career and to my amusement it actually loaded! Right outside the Bungo...that's where I left off at apparently it was a good move because within a day (game time) I'd managed to put two Takao's to the bottom.

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    Originally posted by swamprat69er:
    WVT, if you don't 'vent' from time to time, then you end up like the guy with the bullet in his head. DEAD! Personally, I would rather see you vent.
    Your concern, and compassion for your fellow man is duly noted. Yeah, I tend to vent (inadvertently) from time to time. I thank God that, the other alternative would never be my style. I'm very perseverant.

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    Have not played for months. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 I've been unable to get the game to run properly, so I just uninstalled it and moved on.

    I do miss it from time to time, but with Cliffs of Dover finally getting sorted most of my time is in the virtual sky.

    I may give it another go at some point.

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    Play very rarely now. I used to play it everyday but that was when I could get online with up to 7 other people and use SH3 online.

    Now I fire up SH4 TMO and have a fiddle with it for an hour or so.

    Rfactor is more of my thing now - have a chat with friends whilst racing around in various cars.

    Still like to come in here though for the chat..

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    A couple of old familar faces. Good to see your still around, Maverick and ElAurens.

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    I agree, glad to know old faces still check in and visit the old forum...

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    Just about to fire her up again after a prolonged absence! Trigger itchy.....

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