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    Operation Monsun

    "Operation Monsun" (OM) will present a semi-historical recreation of the deployment of German U-Boats to the Far East. The approach used to create this mod is along the same lines as RSRDC, give the SH4 users as close to historical immersion as can be made within the limits of Silent Hunter 4. To accomplish this goal a major rewrite to all files related to the U-Boat Campaign was accomplished, and provides the following:

    - Initial deployment of U-boats from Lorient, France, 3 July 43 to 27 Aug 43, in which you must transit to the Indian Ocean, conduct a combat patrol in one of the same areas used by units enroute to Penang.
    - From 27 Aug 43 to 30 Aug 44, you will operate out of Penang conducting combat operations in the traditional OpAreas of the Northern/Western IO.
    - After the decision to move the U-Boat home base from Penang, operations will be conducted from Djakarta starting on 1 Sept 44 through the remainder of the war.

    When starting up a U-Boat campaign, you're going to notice the following:

    - There are no "upgrades" any kind. Why? There were no "upgrades" for any of the real U-Boats that deployed to the IO.
    - You will not see any "fantasy" Type XVIII U-Boats.
    - You will not see any "fantasy" special operations missions.
    - You will not see any "fantasy" IJN Task Force operations in the IO.
    - You will see that your Type IXC/40 & IXD2 are provided with FuMO 61 Radar and FuMB 1 ESM equipment. This is not 100% historical, but to provide the player with a better game play experience. You will also only have G7A and G7E torpedoes as your choice of weapons.
    - You will get the uses of the Fw200's of III/KG40 and the JU290's of 1./FAGr. 5 to "scout" the way across the Bay of Biscay when you leave Lorient. You also get to use the two Ar196's from the base at Penang. These Ar196's are from German Commerce Raider that deployed to the IO early in the war. You will also get to use IJN air assets that are based in Djakarta.
    - You will see semi-historical convoy and single merchant shipping routes for the IO and Atlantic.
    - You get "dogged" by RAF Coastal Command search aircraft as you attempt to cross the "Bay of Biscay. You're going to have to worry about all the "real world" Coastal Command / RAAF bases that are also in the IO.
    - You will not see an "arcade shooting gallery" when you go on patrol. What you're going to have to use is the "real intelligence" briefings and maps that will be provided with OM to find targets. ( found in the Support Directory )
    - Your going to see the Eastern/British Fleet return to the IO in early 1944 and start conducting operations in your area, i.e. Operation COCKPIT, TRANSOM, CRIMSON, MILLET, Outflank, LENTIL, Meridian I/II just to name a few.
    - You are provided with 6 historical UB missions that were conducted in the IO in 1944/45.
    - You are provided with 4 single missions that are "non-historical" and are just to allow the user a chance to go out and sink something in the Atlantic. Your sub will be going up against the North Atlantic shipping that is part of the OM campaign files.


    You will need to start a new career after installation and old save games will not be compatible with OM

    Install instructions:

    Un-like RSRDC there will be only one version of OM, and should be compatible with the SH4 v15 versions of TMO and RFB.

    "ALWAYS" install OM "LAST".

    Before using OM with TMO, you "MUST" install the TMO_Enable_Uboat_ver3 "FIRST" before you install OM




    - TypeIXD2 files from RFB 1.5

    Ducimus & nautilus42

    - AI TypeIX from TMO


    - Air and Surface Visual Mods (RSRDC)


    - F4F from "Air_Attack_Mod_Part1". and from the library directory. The "BombDummy" loadout to cause aircraft the strafe


    - HMS Repulse

    Linevitch Dmitriy aka Psy06

    - Hudson A-28 3D modeling used as the base for the PV1 / PV2
    - Hudson Mk3 for Australian RAAF

    Psy06 and Vaa

    - Ju-290


    - Fw200 skin

    Miguel Coca

    - SH4 Batch Mission Editor v0.4


    - S3D - Silent 3ditor


    - Monsun boats research notes


    - AUMK3.dat file

    Beta testers:

    Rockin Robbins


    - Absolutely nothing found within the "Operation Monsun" (OM) may be used for any commercial product of any size, shape or form.

    - OM is freeware, made by the SH4 modding community. All permissions of individual mods are subject to their author's permissions.

    Detail Changes



    Martlet (British F4F / FAA)
    F4F Wildcat
    Mk3 Hudson
    PV1 Ventura
    PV2 Harpoon
    Liberator MkV (RAF)
    Catalina MkIA (RAF/RCAF)
    Catalina MkVI (RAF/RCAF)
    RAAF Catalina
    TBF Avenger (USN / FAA)


    Sunderland (add two more bomb nodes and 3 cannon nodes)


    This is a "MAJOR" rewrite of the CampaignGE directory. This rewrite will provided a historical set of campaign layers for the time period of July 1943 to April 1945. Ever .mis file within CampaignGE has been rewritten and the following is a breakdown of those changes:

    XX_US_Merchants: all four layers are imported from RSRDC and provide realistic US Merchant routes.

    All-Escorts-Cruisers: Now a zero length file

    Allies_AirBases: Has real world RAF Coastal Command air bases that were in the IO and Atlantic. Also real world USN Naval Air Stations and Airfields in the North / South Atlantic.

    Allies_CoastTraffic: Rework of coastal traffic around the IO

    Allies_Convoys_XX: Complete rewrite using actual convoy codes / routes for the IO covering the time frame of Operation Monsun.

    Allies_HarborTraffic: Changes to provide a more historical mix of harbor traffic

    Allies_Merchants: Complete rewrite with more historical shipping routes.

    All-Taskforces: Complete rewrite. All Major Eastern / British Pacific Fleet operation in 1944/45. Imported IJN fleet ops from RSRDC for SCS / Java Sea and IO that cover the period of Operation Monsun. Imported from my own custom version of SH3, various ASW / HunterKiller groups for the North/Central Atlantic and the IO.

    Axis_AirBases: Major Changes i.e. all IJN bases removed except for Djakarta & Penang. Added 1./FAGr. 5 ( Ju290 ) and III/KG 40 ( Fw200 ) bases in Southern France.

    Axis_CoastalTraffic: Revised Coastal / Merchant Traffic

    Axis_Convoys_XX and Axies_Merchants_XX: All 12 files are now 0 length files as they are no longer required for Operation Monsun.

    Axis_NavalBases: Major revision. Only bases used by Operation Monsun U-boats (Penang, Djakarta, Surabaya, Singapore, Lorient & Bergen) and Southern IO Unrep ships "Brake" and "Charlotte Schliemann".

    Jap_HarborTraffic: Major revision to provide more historical mix of harbor traffic.

    US_HarborTraffic: changes to support OM

    Added the following files to the Campaign directory

    Campaign_LOC: Customized version of the file which correct the position of "Penang", and other changes to support Operation Monsun.

    Lant_Convoys: Imported selected North / Central / South Atlantic convoy routes from my custom SH3 built and heavily modified to support Operation Monsun.

    Lant_Single_Merchants: Imported selected North / Central / South Atlantic single merchant routes from my custom SH3 built and heavily modified to support Operation Monsun.

    German_Lant_Single: Imported selected French Coastal, Baltic Sea and Norwegian .Single Merchant routes used by German coastal merchant traffic from my custom SH3 build and heavily modified to support Operation Monsun.


    2/3's of the Patrol Objectives have been "DISABLED" as they were either not within the historical OpArea used by the Operation Monsun U-Boats or are total "fantasy" missions. The remaining Patrol Objectives have been adjusted to more historical areas. Mission briefings have been adjusted similar to the ones in RSRDC.

    Added five new objectives to cover the U-boat deployments from France to the IO

    CampaignGE.cfg and DynamicMissGe.cfg have been adjusted to support changes made to the above noted files.


    Changed "MinimumDaysInBaseGE" in the UPC.cfg file from 28 to 50 days based on info from "Hitler's Grey Wolves: U-boats in the Indian Ocean"

    AirStrike.cfg from TMO with changes.


    Added German JU290, Fw200, Ar196, RAF Coastal Command, USN, RAAF and RCAF Airbases


    Added ( British MkVII DC Racks & K Guns )
    Bombs_UKDC.XXX ( British MkVII an MkXI Airborne Depth Charges )
    DepthCharges_UK.XXX ( British MkVII Heavy Depth Charge )
    Bombs.XXX ( from RSRDC )
    AI_Visual_Sensors.dat ( from RSRDC )
    Flag2.dat ( adds Panama flag )
    Guns.XXX ( from RSRDC )
    Shells_Rck.XXX ( from RSRDC )
    Senzori_UBoot.sim (RFB 1.5 plus changes for OM)
    Deck_Gun_GEXX.sim (RFB 1.5)
    Shells_AB.XXX (Aircraft gun ammo)


    Various changes to support Operation Monsun

    Added the following countries

    South Africa



    Revenge Class BB
    Repulse Class Battle Cruisers
    Illustrious Class CV


    Changed Depth Charge load outs on all British based DD's / DE's / FF's / Corvettes
    Changes air groups for US / UK CV's / CVE's
    Fixed missing sonar's / radars for Clemson, Somers, Buckley, Evarts, Rivers and Black Swan class warships

    Single Missions

    RUM 430701 TYPE IXC40
    RUM 430715 TYPE IXC40
    RUM 430801 TYPE IXC40
    RUM 430815 TYPE IXC40

    Single Patrol

    RUM 440104 U532
    RUM 440207 U168
    RUM 440210 U183
    RUM 440517 U183
    RUM 441019 U181
    RUM 441118 U862



    NSS_Uboat9 (AI Uboat from TMO)
    NSS_Uboat9c40 (HumanPlayable)



    All from RFB 1.5 with changes to support OM


    Player now start from one of the 3 following bases

    1 July 43 to 27 Aug. 43 – Lorient, France
    This covers the deployment of U-Boats from France to Penang

    28 Aug 43 to 30 Aug 44 – Penang, Malaysia
    This covers the initial operation of U-boats in the IO

    1 Sept 44 to end of war – Djakarta
    This covers the final operations of Operation Monsun

    You will have the Type IX C/40 & Type IX D2 to command.

    No Upgrades


    "Hitler's Grey Wolves: U-boats in the Indian Ocean"


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    great addon, only things ive seen wrong with this mod so far is a few glitches. 1 is that the u-boot crew stay on the deck when submerged. and there are some graphical errors inside the u boot type d2

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