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    i'm italian so excuse me if my english is wrong...but i need help! I don't understand what is the code to open the furniture in the akuda bar near the table-play with me!!
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    You get that code online by completing the Darkroom Mission.

    1. Go to the BG&E main site:

    2. Click on Access the Darkroom

    3. Enter your Internet Code from your game, if you have not done so.

    4. If you have collected 75% of the pearls and animal photos, you can do the Mission. Click on the Mission button in the Darkroom to start it. (It looks like you have collected all of them, so you should be able to do the Mission.)

    5. This will start a game like hangman. You have to guess a password, which is a word from the game.

    6. When you succeed, you will get your code for the cabinet in the Akuda Bar. (It will be in another browser window, which welcomes you to the IRIS Network.)

    The codes are different for different games, based on your Internet Code, so you have to get your own cabinet code. The password in the Mission changes each time you play, so you have to guess your password.

    You may find more help in this FAQ on the other BG&E forum:
    Beyond Good & Evil Darkroom FAQ
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    Because the original darkroom website was shut down, go to and enter the internet code you see when you check your save file and hit enter and you get the code for the box immediately.
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