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    more indicators.
    too difficult to know my fighter's position, even I don't know fighter's altitude!
    It is a fighter! not I am flying in the sky like a bird.
    Fighter has many indicators to get the fighter's flying parameter.

    more physical emulation for weapons.
    machinegun is a white line in BA.
    So cartoon!
    and the sound of machinegun is too small,and engine sounds too loud.

    please give me more time to complete the mission.You only give me 3 mins to complete an air attack or combat?
    Cmon,I am not so hardcore player.I just want to enjoy flying and shooting.Give me more time to enjoy all.

    I don't want to load and load after fail to a mission.

    can you give me a radar to show my position.
    Ok, I know radar came out in the end of WWII,but it is a game.PLS help me.
    For emample I got a radar in CS(counter strike)
    because I have a clear in my mind even though I don't have a real radar.
    So,pls let it to show in the screen.I need it.

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    is my english too bad to understand?
    I am sorry english is my foreign language.

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    No offense to Koyia, but my suggestion/request for BA2 would be to fix the problems with BA1 first (PC version). Use BA1 as a learning experience. Learn from its problems, fix them, then incorporate that experience/knowledge into BA2.

    To put it another way, fix BA1 in its entirety first, THEN think about BA2. Not before.

    Sorry to kinda hijack yer thread Koyia, but I don't think they should even think about a sequel until they fix the first one.

    And don't worry, your english is fine.

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    thank you for your reply.
    I think BA is a good game.
    The only problem is I can't use joystick.
    I'd rather call it a bug.And the desinger has promised a patch will come soon.

    The above I suggested about BA2 are some new features of a game.
    I don't expect they will be added to BA as patches.
    In fact I am already eager for BA2.
    I think it will be a greater game if BA2 follows my suggestion.

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