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    I got assassins creed about a week ago and it started off fine. My brother was playing and he started getting a disc read error when he was trying to go into Demascus in memory block 2 or 3. So we took the game back even though halo 3 plays fine, the orange box played fine, and i played that for like 8 hours straight. The new copy played fine for a day or two until last night. I am in memory block 4 and completed demascus. I was then tried to go to Acre and I got a Disc Read Error (DRE) i shut it down and restarted a few times and eventually got to jerusalem. I was also able to get to the kingdom and run around but whenever I would go to the acre gate the same would happen. I can't go anywhere else with the game right now so i'm basically stuck. I'm on memory block 4 bow and i'm trying to get to acre. The URL above is also a forum with replys that are having the same problem.

    I have seen a few scattered threads and the huge PS3 thread but most were about the 360 freezing and it doesn't really do that. It just gets DRE and I can't get it to load acre.

    I guess maybe that this is in hope that we can get UBI to release a patch or something.
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    same here, finished teh game off and now my friend plays it and he gets the error aswell. when i look at my disk it has 2 rings on it. kinda crapped cuze the game gets way less played then my halo 3 or gears of war.
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    Hey guys, stuffedewok19 already started a thread for this with lots of comments so far (i.e. its definitely not an isolated incident):
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    same thing is happening to me this stinks
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    we need an answr ubi. this has ruined my experience with you
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    im having the same problem but mine doesnt come up with a error. in memory block 2 on the road outside damascus it sends me back to the animus then outside damascus at a diff. point and back and forth
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    wtf.. first my rock band guitar gets effed up and now my assassin's creed disc doesn't let me go to Acre.

    I might just say **** it and go back to PC games...
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