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    I just purchased Assassin's Creed for pc yesterday, knowing that the Xbox 360 wired controller for windows is supported (it says so on the back label). After installing the game, I excitedly plugged the Xbox 360 controller to the computer. I was surprised to find out that there's no option to choose the controller. I don't want to play the game using the keyboard. I downloaded all required drivers of the controller. I have no problems using the controller with other games such as Gears of War and Crysis. I was so excited to play the game last night, much to my dismay. I also downloaded the patch for the game, I thought this would solve the problem, but no. Please help. I wan't to play this game using my Xbox 360 wired controller-it's not being recognized by the game. Thanks!!!
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    Did you go into Controller options and scroll through all available options? With my Rumblepad 2, it was one of the selectable options and had a bunch of pretty good defaults already set up.

    I have to say that after trying both keyboard and gamepad, I consider the gamepad to be vastly superior for this game. I hope you can get it working.
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    I find the gamepad much better. When i first plugged mine in, it wasn't on the list of options, so i unplugged it, restarted my computer, plugged it in before i started Assassin's Creed up and it was there.
    Hope you can figure it out.
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    Yes, I tried doing that. I restarted my pc with the Xbox 360 controller plugged in. The controller showed in the controller options menu, but it has no audio. I tried for about three times, still no sound came from the speakers. When I unplug the controller, restart the computer, and play, it works fine but again the controller option for the Xbox 360 wired controller vanished again.
    Dismayed, i used Xpadder and it works fine now. Thanks for taking the time to read my concern..
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    I purchased the Assasin's creed for PC and i read on the back that it supported my Xbox 360 wired controller for windows and once i had put in my assasins creed game for pc.Then I pluged my Xbox 360 contoller and wasn't working at all. So please help.I wan't to play this game using my Xbox 360 wired controller-it's not being recognized by the game. Thanks!!!
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    I, too, just got an XBOX 360 controller w/ same problem...trouble is, I guess I don't know how to install it first..Came w/ no disc and the XP "wizard" failed to find I tried through display and device manager but to no avail..could someone let me know what I'm doing wrong? thanks,

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    I mean there is no proper support of xinput devices in game (360 controller).

    Please guys read Officcial Bug report topic where i described this problem with this "Semi-support" of xbox 360 controller.

    Here the link to my post:AC Official bug reports at

    All, the game really supports about 360 is XBCD unofficial dinput drivers (thats really sick, less then 10 or 5% of users using this old unofficial driver that havent been updated few years and aint even support wireless reciever for 360 game) i do not understand how do they call that "360 gamepad support" when all buttons messed up, when they appear in game as BUtton 0 - button 10 etc instead of ABXY LB LT SELECT START, and nobody cant even map any actions of Analogue triggers (yeah u heard me right u can forget about analogue triggers with such "support" and use just 10 buttons of gamepad.
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    I had a similar problem. There were two reasons that I found that might have caused it:

    1) There was another contrioller plugged in: I had a Nostromo52 plugged in. It seemed to read that instead of the 360 reciever. Make sure to unplug any other controllers.

    2) I did not have the controller turned on when I started the game. I found that the controller had to be actually turned on before I started Assassin's Creed. I exited to WIndows, turned the controller on, (unplugged my Nostromo52), then restarted the game and it worked.

    Hope this helps
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    I use a small program called Xpadder for my xbox 360 controller. This works fine with games that do not have xbox 360 controller support. I've just played through COD4 with it, because its so popular on the consoles. No problems at all, including analogue sticks and triggers.. I'm no pro gamer, but I would recommend it! See for yourselves

    It would be really helpful if anyone posted the xbox 360 button layout for Assassins Creed I want to play the game with the same buttons as the 360 version..
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    I'm trying to use xbox360 wireless pad on Assassins Creed too but I find when scrolling through controller settings that that it doesn't pick my wireless xbob360 controller properly. I actually get to see it as I scroll through but can't choose it as it's just flashes for a millisecond. So it must know that it is connected, this has driven me crazy for days.
    Tried uninstalling AC + drivers but no good.
    All other supported games work Why! Why! Why! not this one.
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