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    How do I save the knight...? I can't get past the gates. D:

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    If you use the "find" button, and type in "mission 4" you'll find lots of hints like this thread.

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    Okay I found the wall and put my knights in front of it, but they do not seem to get the wall down since everytime I get out of emmo. I read somewhere that I can reload by my own outpost but when I get back the wall is fixed again and I can start all over. Do I need to plant anoutpost right next to the wall or do I do it wrong? Can someone tell me??

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    Improve your castle as much as you can, that raises tha amount of possible soldiers to recruit. Get the maximum of soldiers, make sure they have all torches (White numbers over the unit, leftactualtorches/rightposssibletorches), take over the nearest outpost to the palisade, north of the enemy town gate. Then start the attack on the palisade. concentrate the fire on one element of the palisade and
    get your soldiers through, defeat the enemy soldiers and you can move freely in the enemy city.If the AI rebuilds the palisade while your in the city, just select one unit of your soldiers and direct them to the gate. they can open it and hold it open as long as you don´t move them away. While opened, your other units and hero can pass through the gate.

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