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    The following post is a summary of the plot/story of the Prince of Persia Triology (Sands of Time, Warrior Within and lastly, Two Thrones) - if you have not played the game through or don't want the story ruined - then do not progress ahead! You have been warned!
    Sands of Time
    The first game takes place entirely in India, or that is Northern India. Persia's army invades the kingdoms of Northern India (this actually did happen, there were many successful campaigns where Islamic nations conquered the Hindu nations located in India, there were thousands of battles much like those shown in the beginning of the POPSOT). Ok, so moving on, the game begins with the sieging of a Indian Palace/Castle.

    The Vizier betrays the Mahraja and works out a deal with the King of Persia (Sharahman) that he will open the gates surrounding the Indian Kingdom, in exchange for the Vizier getting to chose a possesion of his choosing from the Mahraja's treasure vault. The vizier tells the Persian King that when he opens the gate he will shoot a flaming arrow into the sky, and that is when the Persian King should begin his attack and siege through the gates into the Kingdom. This is where the story begins.

    A Young Prince who is anxious to prove himself in combat and earn the respect of his father and People, makes his way to the Maharaja's throne room to get the elusive dagger the Vizier had previously requested from the Maharaja's treasure vault. Meanwhile, further in the Indian Palace the Maharaja of this Indian Kingdom is killed at the hands of Sharahaman and his daughter is taken captive to be used as a concubine.

    Noticing the odd powers of the dagger's ability to rewind time, the prince takes the dagger as his possession. A decision which ultimately saves his life and would utimately doom him to misery for the next 7 years. King Sharaman meets the Prince in the treasure vault and the vizier demands the dagger, but the King lets his son (the prince) have it. They set out to travel to the Persian King's ally, who had helped him in sieging this Indian Kingdom.

    At this kingdom, known as Azad, King Sharaman bestows an hourglass filled with glowing sand, some exotic animals and a whole lot of concubines (of which Farah is part of). The Azad King amazed by the hourglass wonders how and why its sands glow, the vizier tells him that it is a magical hourglass and beckons the prince to stab the glass with his dagger. The prince is forced to do so, despite the warnings from Farah who yells out to him to stop!

    The sands are released, everything is changed - his father (who is in close proximity of the hourglass) is turned into a sand monster, the sands quickly spread and the Vizier dissappears with the hourglass. The prince goes on a journey now and then aided by Farah to find the Vizier and find some way to stop the ravages of time and the sands. He ultimately befriends Farah and the two become inseperable (yea right) as they journey ever close to the Vizier. After a lot of puzzle solving, confessions of the mind, and deadly traps the prince encounters the vizier and manages to stab the hourglass again with the dagger (which he has collected sands in) - thereby putitng the sands back into the hourglass. In a blast of sands, the prince is given a pandemic of sands allowing him to rewind time so far that he is able to go back to moments before the Vizier is able to open the gates of Farah's Kingdom and shoot the arrow (calling for Persia to attack her kingdom).

    The Prince tells her the story of what's happened, how he's travelled back in time, how the vizier is evil, how they were once in love and onwards. She doesn't believe him, but soon the Vizier upon doing his rounds around the palace, sees the prince and recognizes him as the Prince of Persia. He then attacks the prince and they both battle, eventually the prince killing the Vizier. The prince ultimately testing his luck and seeing if she remembers him and how close they had gotten kisses her only to discover she knows nothing of their exploits, he rewinds time with the final grains of sand to moments before the kiss and then as he leaves her with her wondering if his story was true, he mutters some words that she recognizes from her childhood (and had earlier professed to the Prince)

    The game is called sands of time because essentially the story is about the sands which control time, and which the Prince uses the sands to control time. Somewhat self explanatory.

    Warrior Within
    Seven years have passed since the incidents of Sands of Time. The prince after talking with Farah in sands of time, had returned to Persia where an argument with his father left his relationship soured with his father. He visits an old man, who had served as his mentor during his raising, since his father was busy conquering lands. Upon telling the old man of his exploits in India, the old man filled with knowledge tells him that a creature known as the Dahaka will settle and balance the timeline, with the Prince ultimately dying - a fate that no man can change. He tells him of an island of time where the sands are created, but warns him that again no man can change his fate.

    The prince ignorantly decides to go to the island of time, and enlists a small army to help him get to the island of time. He sets sail and for 7 years attempts to find this island of time with no success, all the while running from this elusive creature known as the Dahaka. Eventually he nears the islands, unknowningly to him. The Empress of Time, who is the guardian of time and the sands, sends out her bodyguard (Shadhee) to kill the prince and prevent him from getting to the island. A battle ensues, the prince is cast overboard with his ship plundered and destroyed, and his crew killed off. The prince washes up on the island of time, sadly he wanders the island of time remembering his fallen friends aboard the boat. He makes it to the Empresses fort atop a steep hill. Entering into a time travel portal (one of many on the island) he goes back in time. He sees a girl being attacked by Sadhee (bodyguard of the empress) and quickly rescues her and ultimately kills Sadhee. The women thanks him by helping him enable the gates that lead to the Empresses throne room. He solves puzzles, eludes the Dahaka and then manages to open the gates to the throne room and enter. There he find the girl he saved was none other than the Empress of Time, whose fate has been written as well. They fight, he kills her and then sets out to leave the island, and goes into a portal to go back to the present time. But before he can leave the island and back to persia, the Dahaka comes back to kill him. How can this be? If he killed the empress the sands no longer exist and he can't be persecuted for something he never did? But he soon realizes killing the empress of time sets out the sands of time, and he in turn was the creator of the sands - and thus sealed his own faith. He flees the dahaka and realizes its afraid of water.

    Trapped in a room surrounded by water and the dahaka pursuing him, he stumbles across some text on the wall written by the Maharaja (Fahra's father) who had earlier (we're in the present) plundered the island of time and taken the hourglass and dagger. The Maharaja had invaded this island of time several 100 years after the destruction of the empress (which lead to the creation of the sands brought about by the prince who killed her) and fought a hefty battle where one man discovered that using a special mask found on the island he was able to cheat death and give himself another chance to live.

    With renewed vigour the prince finds this mask, becomes the sandwraith, a creature whos presence was spotted throughout the game, and using a loophole in this mask, goes back in time and leads the past version of the prince to his death by the dahaka (don't worry about understanding this). In doing this, the prince smirks and thinks that he has evaded the dahaka and his own faith, now all he has to do is stop the creation of time and he's free! But upon stopping kaileena from fighting with him and eventually dying, he realizes that the death of a former reincarnation of himself does not mean that he gets to live - in actuality he is still sentenced to death.

    TWO Versions of the Ending:
    the first (which is not intended to be continued): the prince having killed the other prince, stopping kaileena from being killed is freed from the dahaka by returning his badge which lets him void the effects of teh sands (he got it from farah in the first popsot), upon giving it back the dahaka goes away.

    THE REAL ENDING: This is it, the prince must face his fears and fight the dahaka - there is nowhere else to go - he can't keep running forever. The dahaka fights the prince, who wields the sword of water, and with the help of kaileena who now wishes to help the prince, they kill the dahaka.

    The prince in this game, who has finally tasted combat in SOT for the first time, must now become a seasoned fighter and put his fighting abilities to the test as he learns to better fight and become a true Warrior, or a Warrior Within.

    Now before we further progress, here's what you need to know:
    -Nothing in Sands of Time occurred - that part of history has been wiped away
    -The Empress of Time is still alive as she was brougt into the present, and the sands were never created at this point
    The Two Thrones
    The game begins with the Prince and Kaileena returning from the island of time, however upon nearing Babylon they realize that Babylon has been sieged and is now being attacked and under military control, all of Babylons defenses have been destroyed and all that remains are the traps that lie within the city.

    Upon entering the city from shores, fire archers rain a steady streams of arrows to the incoming ship (which holds the prince and kaileena). The fire archers catapult rocks on to their boat, which destroys the ships and renders Kaileena unconcious. She washes up ashore and is taken away, while the prince follows her.

    In the throne room, the prince overhears a dark voice reciting the tale of how Persia was invaded and how he managed to capture Babylon. This voice is none other than the Vizier, reciting his story to Klompa - one of his turncoat generals. The Vizier had killed Farah's father (the Mahraja of the Indian Kingdom in Sands of Time) and taken his army for his own, Klompa and many of the other Generals fought in Two Thrones were all Indian Generals that would later pledge allegiance to the Evil Vizier. The Prince heads towards the voice only to see Kaileena killed and the sands of times released, he gets ahold of the dagger of time and pledges to kill everyone involved in her murder as well as to get back Babylon. But as he had tried to prevent Kaileena from being killed, he is infected with the sands as one of the Viziers generals had used a daggertail weapon to restrain him from moving while the Vizier killed Kaileena. The sands having been released travelled outwards from the Evil Vizier who had stabbed himself with the dagger (before the prince gets it) and thus made himself into a sand-type creature. The sands travelled along the daggertail-type weapon and into the Prince's arm making him tainted with the sands - along with infecting Klompa whos face is shieled by the mask, but lower mouth region is ripped apart by the sands (who knows why, it just happens and in the cutscene you can see him in agony (look closely he's like bent over and trembling)).

    The prince goes forth looking for the Vizier and eventually realizes that another side within him is taking over - a dark and evil side inspired by the sands of time which he has used very liberally over the years - the dark prince. The dark prince takes over him now and then and is exceptional at fighting, but drains energy since he heavily relies upon the sands and needs it to replenish his health. Much like the dahaka, he is prone to water and returns back into the regular Prince when touched by water. Apparently the sands are vulnerable to water, as we have seen in the past few games. The prince unintentionally frees Fahrah while riding his chariot for the first time, the crate in which she was kept is opened and a nimble fahrah escapes.

    Making his way through Babylon, the prince sees the citizens being beaten up and tortured and every few miles is a guard camp, where reinforcements are called - the prince destroys each one of these as he goes along - effectively cutting their line of communication and freeing the ppl. But eventually the prince comes to an Arena, where he sees the now heavily infected Klompa who stands several feet high. Klompa, a general in the army and now one of the Viziers personal generals, has imprisoned many of the citizens within the Arena, and the Prince fights Klompa taking out his eyes and brining him to a crashing fall. The people are freed and rejoice, before hte prince turns into the dark prince and flees before the ppl can praise him. He continues on battling and changing from normal prince to dark prince. He meets farah, who soon sees him in his dark prince state and assumes he's one of the sand creatures and runs away from him. Just earlier she had seen his little regard for the people and deemed him as selfish for not caring about the people, and seeing him as a sand creature sealed her impression of him as being an evil prince.

    The prince coninues on, and fights another female general - the one who had lead to his infection of the sands - he kills her after turning once again into the dark prince. Continuing on he encounters a burning building - the Royal Workshop is on fire - with ppl in it. Realizing the truth in Farah's words he attempts to rescue them, despite the Dark Prince's warnings. The dark prince was right, its a trap. The Prince finds a way to foil the trap and frees all the workers within the royal workshop. The people are joyous that their prince has returned and the old man (his mentor) cheers him on.The prince jumps aboard a chariot and chases down the enemy that had trapped him, yet another one of the Viziers generals - through the streets of Babylon the Prince finally catches up with the last of the Viziers generals only to see that the general has a twin - a twin with a fond liking for axes and fire. The prince ultimately kills the twins, with Farah watching from afar, slightly fascinated by the fact that the Prince had saved ppl in the burning building she realizes that their is a lot more to the prince than she had formerly believed. She sees he's normal and that he's somewhat good and stupidly continues onward with him. They voyage into the heart of Babylon - the marketplace and courtyards where an army of sand monsters has come to kill them. Outnumbered, outflanked and outgunned..err outsworded they are doomed to die. When under the cover of darkness, all of Persia showed up to attack these creatures - with apperances from the old feable man (prince's mentor). A huge battle takes place, with much of the sand creatures dying and many a Persian dying as well. The prince and farah head further onwards in almost perfect unison, they of course get seperated and meet up later on and the prince tells her to meet him later on in a green room of some sort. They continue and the prince encounters the vizier who captures farah, and pushes him off to his death.

    The prince falls, but luckily turns into the dark prince and is saved through the dark princes abilities. He is inside a broken well and must find his way through the ruins, but unfortunately the well has been drained of water and the prince who is still the dark prince must go through a maze of traps and enemies all the while draining life and in desperate need of sands (probably the hardest part of the game).

    The prince is all the while ridiculed by the dark prince, but manages to make it to a dark room, where he sees the dead body of someone he knows all too well. King Sharaman - the King of Persia is dead, slain in battle like a true hero. The Prince cries at seeing his father dead, he picks up his fathers sword which is powerful that it gives off a gleam of light. The prince fights off the dark prince in a fit of anger against the dark princes consistent insults and turns into the regular prince. The Dark Prince is enraged and confused at the might of the prince, and remains quiet for the remainder. The prince travels through dark acloves and along underground caves, and manages to climb up the main tower of babylon. The tower of babylon sits atop the castle in Babylon (which is located in the center of Babylon) and the tower is where the King predominantly reigns over his people - it is the highest peak of Babylon and adorned with decorative figures and plant life - its purpose besides looking cool, serves to be a point to which one can look out and see every angle of the Babylonian Empire). The Prince wanders through the upper most level of the tower, finally getting on to a weird elevator type shaft which brings him once and at last into the northern most peak of the tower and babylon (overlooking all of babylon). This arena-looking area is where the final battle with the vizier takes place, whereby the vizier is trying to make farah into his queen by using the sands to convert her into a sand-type creature.she spits at him, and then the vizier notices the prince and the fight, ultimately the prince kills him in a glory of blood, sand and the suspension of gravity and physics. The Empress of Time appears and takes back the dagger of time, along with all the sands - meaning that all the sand monsters die, and disappears - so she takes away all the sands away with her - so that its like it never existed - except for all the damage it caused and the ppl it killed. Farah is released from the the chains/cuffs that tied her down and she rushes to the prince, who seeing the King's crown fall from the Viziers head (which was taken from his father - whom the vizier had killed) attempts to pick it up, only to see a dark black hand pick up the crown and utter the famous words:
    "What's yours is rightfully mind" (or something like that)
    we see a hooded figure, who unveils his hood and turns out to be..
    [the old man]

    ok I"m just joking, it's the dark prince who has found a way to take over the princes mind (its not actually happening, the prince is just seeing it in his head - the dark prince is picking up the crown in the prince's head .. not in reality..farah can't see the dark prince picking up the crown)!!

    The dark prince rants off about how it's his turn to reign, and hte prince begins attacking the dark prince (to which the dark prince does nothing because he is only a figment of the princes mind). With the final swipe at the dark prince, the prince enters his own mind where he enters the cortex of his brain (or mind) to fight the dark prince within himself. Ultimately it is the prince vs the dark prince entirely within his mind. The prince navigates through his consiousness, often encountering past memories from Sands of Time and Warrior Within, like when his boat sank in Warrior WIthin, or when he gained extra health (the fountain of life) in sands of time. He continues onwards towards the prince, each time killing hte dark prince, and following another conjured image of the dark prince. Eventually he gets to the throne room of Babylon, where two thrones appear - the dark princes throne and the normal princes throne. Angered by this image, the prince begins to attack at the dark prince who stands before him, but all that happens is more dark princes appear - essentially there is no end in his fighting and anger - his anger begets more anger, and his fighting begets more fighting. In fighting with the dark prince he only further fuels the dark prince and thus embraces the dark prince. An image of Farah (the bastion of purity and love in his mind) projects itself to him, and tells him to regain conciousness (she is actually saying this to his body - so he hears her from within - as if she was inside his mind - he's just hearing her voice as she is talking to him-but his mind has created an image of her within his mind). He continues fighting with the dark prince only to see more images of the dark prince, who is also mocking him.

    Ultimately he ascends the stairs which lead to a white light, and regains consiousness and in doing so destroys the dark prince - for if he pays no attention to the dark prince and does not acknoledge its presence - it can no longer live, and thus he regains full control of his body. He takes the throne of Babylon (he'll be king and most likely farah will be queen). But Farah is still confused at one thing, how the prince knew her name? In SOT fashion, he begins the retelling of how he met her and what I've already written here!

    ~ The End of the Triology ~

    The Two Thrones refers to the two dimensions of the prince - a throne for his good side and a throne for evil side. It is ultimately his mind's battle between good and evil and which side will prevail to take the throne as Prince, or rather King of Persia.

    - The sands are gone, but the damage is done - the people who were affected by it are killed (Sharaman, Farah's father, Empress of Time, Sand Creatures, Klompa, other generals ,civillians, Vizier are all dead)

    - Farah now knows the Prince's story, but still doesn't know him as well as she did in Sands of Time (although he knows her very well)

    - The Dark Prince is destroyed, for the prince no longer acknoledges his presences, and thus he ceases to exist.

    - The Vizier was killed.

    - The dagger of time is gone along with the sands, and much of his gritty appearance goes along with it - as well as the sands scar he gained in the beginning

    - The Prince is now King/Emperor of Babylon/Persia and is supported by his ppl after his bravery of saving them.

    ~that's it~

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    Hey wait a wait...if in the Sands of Time, the Prince killed that old prick vizer.
    Then how is it that he's alive in the Two Thrones? I mean he supposed to die in Sands of Time rite? & Farah should've reconize the Prince, cause in Sands of Time, the Prince ran to inform her of the vizer betrayal.
    So, how come the Princess didn't reconize him in Two Thrones?

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    Originally posted by eelmarksg:
    Hey wait a wait...if in the Sands of Time, the Prince killed that old prick vizer.
    Then how is it that he's alive in the Two Thrones? I mean he supposed to die in Sands of Time rite? & Farah should've reconize the Prince, cause in Sands of Time, the Prince ran to inform her of the vizer betrayal.
    So, how come the Princess didn't reconize him in Two Thrones?
    In Warrior Within, the Prince changed time, everything that took place in The Sands of Time never happened. Vizier never died, Prince never opened the sands, Farah doesn't know who the Prince is because they never went to Azad, but the Prince remembers because he's the one that changed time.

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    yup, as already stated

    The Prince killed the vizier in Sands of Time, and then in Warrior Within he went to the island of time where he was able to go back in time, and stop the sands from being created and then brought kaileena into the present so that he could live with her in babylon.

    So the events of sands of time never happened because their were no sands - so no unleashing of the sands, no hourglass filled with sands, and no dagger.

    Then in Two Thrones he voyaged to Babylon with the Empress (Kaileena) where she was kidnapped by the Vizier who had heard tales of the Prince and knew that the prince was returning the Babylon with a mysterious women (whom he probably guessed was the empress of time).

    Earlier on he had taking Farah's kingdom for his own, and taken the army as his. He uses his acquired army to siege Babylon and break the walls protecting it (you can see the remains of his army ships when the prince arrives initially). When the prince arrives with kaileena, the Vizier and his army have broken the walls and are attacking Babylon - it's never fully taken over. So Kaileena is kidnapped and she is killed unleashing the sands.

    Farah recognizes the Vizier only because he killed her father and took over her kingdom and imprisoned her. She didn't reconize the prince because she had never met him - in warrior within as i said before, the sands weren't created so persia had never invaded India because the dagger didn't exist at that point at the maharaja didn't need Persia's help to get the dagger since it didn't exist--however he did come up with a way to take over farah's kingdom/army and then take over babylon (cuz babylon was the most powerful city at one point in time).

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    Oh ok, yeah...Warrior Within, I completely 4gets about that.
    Ok, now it makes sense now. Thanks guys!

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    You have to admit, it's a pretty good storyiline behind the games.

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    yea but one thing that I was angry about was when I learned about how the concept of rewinding time was an after thought - a promotional tool just to sell the game and was later on reworked into the game. They did this alot during the creation of these games.

    When Sands of Time was being created, the original plot was to be similar to the original prince of persia (where a guy has to save the princess from her father's evil vizier). But then they needed something that would make the game original and they came up with the concept of rewinding time - which Mechner had discussed in Shadow of the Flame, so they created a very sketchy rewind time engine and showcased it at E3 - the game still didn't have a plot, they just knew it was going to take place somewhere 'exotic' and showcased a demo with an Indian setting/architecture.

    The demo intrigued people at E3 with its rewind time ability, which also showcased another of Mechner's creations The Griffin. The demo had the prince fighting with a Griffin I believe. When they continued working on the game after E3, Mecher saw the time reverse was a good idea, and scripted a plot based on this. The griffin, who was part of the original storyline and integrated to the plot and several missions, was later cut out because of lack of time to ship and create/rid bugs.

    Out of what I can only assume to be recylcing at Ubisoft, they put the Griffin back into warrior within with no real apparent reason for why a griffin would be waiting for the prince before he gets the mask.

    They promised that there would be more plot behind the bosses in two thrones, but sadly they didn't deliver - besides the fact that we know the bosses work for the Vizier. I just wished they had put more detail like into plot, because the game was great - especially the ending levels featuring the mental realm (done amazingly).

    ***I forgot to mention that in two thrones, that after releasing the sands - the Vizier converts his army into sand soldiers!

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    Yeah I kinda noticed it too, espically there's one very cool animation of a speedkill, while u r doing a wallrun.
    I still have the video clips...let me find it, hopefully I can post it here.
    I believe those guys at Ubi-Soft, while making a game is always under very constant change. Prince of Persia is not the only game that have had gone through many many changes.
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is one of them too. Like u've said...they have shown videos or demo that promises will blow our minds away.
    In the end, when the release of the game, it's not quite what u expected.
    I remember the time when I was so happy to purchase Chaos Theory & I remembered that there's something not quite right about the game. So what I did was, to check out some of the video clips that I've saved over the months showing the preview of the game.
    My suspicion was right, the game have gone through so many changes and those Ubi-Soft have in some ways failed to fulfill their promises.
    Apparenty it's like either a company policy or trend to do lots and lots of changes to a game.
    Pull a fast one just to impress both the gamers & competitors alike.

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    Very Impressive work,however i have one question
    After Warrior Within,the Sands of Time were never created i.e. there was no hour-glass filled with the sands and there should have been no dagger of time,yet the vizier and the prince use the dagger of time in Two Throne's.Isnt this a mistake?

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    As far as i know:
    "The dagger of time" only becomes the "dagger of time" -after- the vizier kills the empress with it.
    No dead empress, no sands, no "dagger of time", just a powerless dagger designed to become the "dagger of time".

    Ps. when the "mind" level started i couldn't help remembering the XEN levels in Half-life.

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