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  1. #1 you "lot" to play other Clancy games more?

    I know my rainbow six playing time spiked over the past couple weeks after coming across this site..

    something about T-bagging (or was that toe-tagging) terrorists just seemed funner knowing something else was on the horizon...

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    Yes it has! I'm actually playing GRAW (1) and Rainbow Six again and I'm thinking of picking up on SCA again..though I didn't really dig that game...

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    just when I thought I could not bear hearing that one wimp yelling "police! police!", or the guy asking "what do we do?!", or the other dude responding "Groooow A Paaaair Of baaaaalls!"...

    I ended up playing again anyway...

    if I didn't have to work later, I would be playing it right now..

    552 pwnz you

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    Haha. I understand. I have a real SIG 552 from Exeter, New Hampshire. It really does own.

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    what about New Hampshire?

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    I never post but remembered I have an ubi account from other games, so I'd like to second that^. what about NH, the greatest state of all?

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