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    I purchased this game for my twin boys. We have a PS3 platform. Can a Joystick be used in place of the game pad controller?
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    yes and I am having the same issue...but I see your post is 7 months old and imagine by now you have figured that part out ...the Madcatz Aviator was designed for the game according to UBI I just got off the phone and that is what they have listed and was directed by them to this forum and there are few posts concerning PS3. I made the mistake of getting a newer joystick that is not supported
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    the game I have is not supported by any newer joysticks (Blazing Angels 1 & 2) but yes there are games that are supported. It all depends on what year the game is and the year of the joystick. And if the game is still being updated. Some games are released then if it falls flat the developers drop it and move on. Me I am a gamer so I just stick with PC games and they can be tweaked so to speak to play almost anything these days. Consoles on the other had are limited as to what they can and can not do. But to answer the question just get a joystick of that era it should work but if it were me I would google the thing first and make sure. Minidane thanks for responding but I really have no clue of what it is you are trying to say. I do know about team speak and that sort of thing but the food cart thing took a bad hop and went into left field.
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