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    played FC2...traded it in, played COD BO...traded it in...definitly getting FC2 again...nough said.

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    I can not connect on a character created on Far Cry 2, I put my name, password, and it says it is the passuword Sbai what should I do?

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    COD** single player is cookie cutter linear and wave based enemy constantly push forward to get them to stop coming do this and do that when told to garbage. sorry but wave based enemies that suddenly stop spawning when you get to the front line sucks. having someone tell you to use a ceartain weapon and do a ceartain thing to proceed is lame.

    online multiplayer... tiny maps, very limited amount of maps. perks that are ridiculous. wide variety of completly useless upgrades and very small amount of actualy usefull ones. oh did i mention the small amount of maps available? as in play online for a week and tired of playing the same maps AGAIN small amount?

    FC2 SP.. sanbox. nobody telling you what when where and how to do it as in do the assigned mission with what weapon you want and how you want, as well as deciding for yourself how to even get to the place. no wave based push forward to get them to stop coming enemies. go where you want between missions and do what you want, as in collect diamonds or harrass checkpoints. go anywhere as long as it includes a dozen bottlenecks and patrols/checkpoints and none of the realy tall mountains or surrounding deserts. annoying things like the stupid malaria and lots of traveling.

    online... MAPS MAPS MAPS MAPS!!!!!!!! hundreds and hundreds of maps!! simple rank and get better gear system. no crazy perks that are the only thing giving you a reason to continue playing after a week. op weapons are ofcourse a given. explosions are not annoying because they kill you but because makes you screen shake like your player has epilepsy and he just had a fit when the explosion was nowhere close to you. did i mention huge variety of maps? as in play 3-4 matches a day for a year and you could play on a different map each time without ever playing them twice!

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    Can you make your own maps on Black Ops? No. I own both of them, and would still rather play FC2. The maps just swung it for me.

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    Originally posted by killa_677:
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is just the same as MW2, which wast he same as MW, which was the same as COD 3, etc.

    Call of Duty has never changed much and is continuing to be milked for all it's worth. The last decent COD was COD 4.

    Far Cry 2 on the other hand is it's own thing and isn't an overhyped piece of crap.

    I say FC2.

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    multiplayer building maps its the best FC2

    COD building maps? jajajajaja

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    OH GAWD! Apples and oranges - they are the furthest comparison you could make. Far Cry 2 beats them all for not only non-linear reasons, but for immersive realism if you play it like a strategy game of chess - slow and methodical. You control the flow, the scenario, the weapon load, and the timeframe. None of the "follow the sargeant" waste of time. If you want to compare similar games, Medal of Honor LE beats Black Ops easily. IMO

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    Game play in far cry is much better than in black ops. In both games multiplayer sucks.

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    Ok well I own and have played both games on the two major consoles (ps3 and Xbox 360) so I have personally experienced the gameplay and graphics on both sides of the fence and I play both games regulary online with my ps3. And let's not avoid the elephant in the room here BLACK OPS HAS TERRIBLE GRAPHICS ok I said it and far cry 2 the main setback is the amount of people online BUT all hope is not lost as I have a bad Internet and it is very slow although I have no trouble with far cry2 match making and almost never lagg, infant I don't at all as it just says you are experiencing technical difficulties and then after about 3 seconds it's fine but on black ops I can barely find a good match without lagg. So all in all buy FAR CRY 2 as its more fun looks better sounds better your welcome hope this helped without boring you I just wanted to tackle all problems

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