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    This thread is dedicated to New Pilots flying Lomac

    To play online, patch 1.02 is required. It is also important that LOMAC be patched from a fresh install of the original 1.00.
    There are known issues patching from 1.01 to 1.02. If 1.01 is installed then LOMAC must be completely uninstalled including the "Eagle Dynamics" directory in "Program Files". Then reinstall LOMAC and patch using the 1.00 to 1.02 patch. It can be found here

    Hyperlobby is the only place to play online. It can be downloaded here

    Most players use Teamspeak and its what we the 169th recommend. It can be downloaded here

    We have a Teamspeak Server linked to our Homepage. there is nearly always a few panthers connected and we are always happy to help out the new guys. Once you register to the 169th Panthers Website you will be able to just click on the Teamspeak window and join our "Ready Room" Channel

    It is extremely important when joining a server that the connection speed be altered to "XDSL 128/128 Kbit/s".
    This is done at the Multiplayer screen by switching to "STOP" and then changing the default setting "Modem 33.6" to "XDSL 128/128 Kbit/s"

    The Golden Rules

    ** Always Read The Brief

    ** Most servers do not allow Vulching (shooting aircraft whilst they are still on the ground)

    ** If you change your loadout or create a new one it is most important to SAVE IT. If you dont save the load then your aircraft missiles will be invisible to everyone else on the server. Not only that but your kills will not register and you will not get a score.

    ** Do not use Mods unless the Server specifies. Not only are they looked apon as cheats, but they also make servers unstable when they don't have the same mods installed. Mods are not scenery changes. mods are aircraft modifications like the F16 and F18 or Loadout mods such as the AIM54C on Su27's

    ** Most of all have fun and respect your opponents.

    "The best pilots are not the ones with the most kills. They are the ones who can acknowledge a good kill".

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    Another great example of the kind of help new or inexperienced players can expect from this community. Great job Panthers!

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    quick question I just bought this game and it installs out of the box at version 1.1. So how will I get back to 1.0?

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    This is a good example of showing some of the bugs in this game that drive one crazy!

    I can't believe your version of lock on out of the box it is 1.01. The box version is 1.00 then apply the patch from 1.0 to 1.02. Is your version an illegal version or CD from UBI.

    1.1 FC is the new addon and it is not available yet. This may cause all kinds of problems when it is installed but hopefully ED gets it right the first time.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by iceman2374:
    quick question I just bought this game and it installs out of the box at version 1.1. So how will I get back to 1.0? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I assume you mean 1.01; 1.1 is the next version due out. If that is what you somehow have, don't patch it.

    There is a patch to update 1.01 to 1.02 at, ( ). There was a concensus that if one started with v. 1.00, it was better to reinstall and then patch directly to 1.02 rather than applying the two patches. A lot of this may be due to the simple rule that a fresh install is better patched than one that's been modified, fragmented, or otherwise altered as the natural result of residing on the hard drive and being used.

    In your case, delete and reinstall the version of LOMAC you have. Apply the patch I linked above. Hopefully, it'll work better on a true fresh install than those of us who tried to patch a previously patched version have found.

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    go to the main page after you start the game and look at the altimeter gauge to see which version of the game you have.

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    According to some posts in this topic in the ED forum, the 1.00-1.02 patch also works with version 1.01.

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    sorry i meant my version installed at 1.01

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    Put this up

    Hope that's ok

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    just got the game and want to patch it, when I look at the version in the lockon.exe it is, is this version 1.0.1 you guys are talking about? I can't see the version number on the alt meter as some has said. So my question is, how do I know what version I have?

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