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    Hi all

    Below you will find previously stickied threads for your perusal and as and when any new threads suitable for this listing come along one of us will update this thread with the link and info

    Note: When updating this thread we will also update the date info in the title so you will know if it contains new info since your last viewing.

    Update - You will notice in updating this thread links to many threads have now been removed. As UbiRazz has explained, since the game was last seen some things have changed and so to help keep everyone on track with the right information we’ve removed links to threads which contain information that may no longer be accurate or correct.

    As new information is released we will of course continue to update this thread with the appropriate information and links so please do continue to keep an eye on the forums and this thread

    Release Date Confirmed

    Code Red Teaser

    Dev statement regarding the delay

    Dev Q&A

    Message from the Producer [UPDATED: No SvM]

    What things do you want to see/know about? - Razz invites the community to discuss what they would like to see/ hear about the game

    Dev Q&A: Your Questions Answered - July 24th 2009

    Splinter Cell Facebook Page

    Conviction Game Media - Collection of various game media

    Man Of Conviction - Official Website

    Mentions of Conviction in the fiscals (Release date discussion) - Post by UbiRazz

    Conviction Moves to Fiscal 2009/10

    Originally posted by UbiRazz:
    As you can see, the official website has been updated and events are starting to move with Splinter Cell Conviction. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Mr. Fisher and his supporting cast and in that time the game itself has changed.

    Some ideas worked, some didn’t. Some things evolved into entirely new things and some aspects we created were perfect the first time around.

    Due to of these changes and evolutions, there is a significant amount of misinformation about what exactly the game is and what it might be. As there will likely be an influx of new users into these forums as things ramp up we want to ensure that both you, the current forum community, and these new members understand exactly what the game is.

    For the near future (don't worry, it won't be long) we’ll be closing and removing a lot of gameplay and story speculation, rumors, and misinformation that has developed within the community so we can start with a clean slate and no one will be confused by existing comments, rumours or speculation. When you see the game again your questions will definitely be answered and we believe you will be blown away!

    Keep your ears open. You'll be hearing from us soon.
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