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    After 3 days I will like to see your Pro\Con so fare. (Keep it simple .

    - This game is amazing, Bravo to the Dev Team
    - After 3 days I already see an improvment in my skill
    - Learning intuitive process of the game is very good.
    - I like the way the game ajust to my play. This game have more patience then me

    - Song list is boring, none of the title so fare make me chill and I didn't find the song I really really want to Mastering.
    - Menu is frustrating.
    - I hate the 5 chances in poractice mode, let me practice all day if I want to.
    - I cannot play no more today, my fingers hurts so bad... (That's not realy a Con)

    Overal: I can leave with the Con's. this game will keep me busy for a long time.


    PS: sorry for my bad english.. I'm in a learning process in that too!

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    Probably 10 hours of play over two days so far:

    Amazing recognition software.
    Infinite possibilities with pedals, cabinets, amps.
    Pre-programmed setups for each song sound dead on.
    Guitarcade and song breakdown training are a good way to build skills.

    Awkward menu navigation, i.e. having to go back to the main menu when you want to change songs.
    No way to slow down a song by a certain % in practice mode.
    Obviously, only 5 lives in practice mode.
    Still not sure if I want to use the inverted (tab) or standard view.
    My audio receiver is all HDMI, no inputs for analog, have to use headphones to get no lag (my wife is happy about this).
    No way to go back and replay a venue with the same setlist, thought that's what "event manager" would have been.
    It "phrase levels down" too early before it gives me a chance to learn something it just threw at me.

    All in all, very happy with it. Obviously I'm learning tons. As an intermediate guitarist I've always struggled with running out of interesting things to practice just by browsing internet lessons. This keeps me continually engaged with new content and I find myself saying, "ok, one more song" or, "one more level up" like 50 times. Next thing I know, it's 3 in the morning and my wrist and fingers hurt like hell. No pain no gain!

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    I would love to choose the actual level of the song, then play it till I get that correct.

    Then move it up a notch to add the additional notes.

    I don't care if I get a score on this, it's just for practice.

    That way one wouldn't have to deal with the Phase up and Down during any particular song.

    Basically, this aspect would be non-scored for leader boards.

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    Yeah I was wondering if I'd be able to slow down a song so I can actually see what I'm supposed to do instead of frantically trying to see it as it zips by on the screen.

    Some of the songs are just flat out horrible that I don't even bother playing them at all..

    I'll have to check out that song breakdown section to see if I can work on learning the songs at a slower pace before being thrown into it.

    Menus aren't very intuitively put together unfortunately.

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    I agree on intuitive user interface(or lack there of) I still have no idea what I have to do to use all the fx pedals I've earned. When I go to the amp screen everything is locked except guitar selections

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    I totally agree on:

    - This game is amazing, Bravo to the Dev Team
    - I like the way the game ajust to my play

    - To many times checking if the guitar is in-tune
    - 5 chances in practice mode is far to low, let me practice all day if I want to.
    - Menu is frustrating.

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    I would add the lack of teaching Picking patterns to your list.

    Sometimes I'm good with a part of a song and it's adding more chords and I don't know if I should be upstrumming or down.

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    - I chose the slowest shipping method on the pre-order, so I'm living through you guys right now.

    Of course that was not RS's fault

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    I haven't done all aspects of the game exhaustively, so this is just impressions after about 4 hours of game time.


    I actually love the setlist, even though I've never heard many of the songs. They are all songs that feature guitar in a myriad of different ways using different techniques, which is very cool.

    The riff repeater is a fantastic way to learn songs

    The mini-games put the 'fun' in fundamentals

    Being able to use any guitar and actually hear what you are playing rather than samples is very nice.

    I like the ability to noodle before/between riffs/ and after songs without being penalized.

    Note detection works better than I anticipated and lag is not as much of a problem as I expected.


    Having a hard time getting used to the note highway, but that's probably just because I'm used to RB3 pro mode, I'm sure I'll get it eventually.

    Menu navigation needs work

    Ubisoft needs to take a more active role in this growing community and get more information on DLC, etc out there.

    Overall, I'm super happy about Rocksmith and I know it's going to make me a better guitar player

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    Yes, more UbiSoft reps on this forum would be great.

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