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    what happened to Machiavelli,Volpe,Da Vinci,Bartolomeo?
    We Need another assasins creed with ezio or play ezio/altair in AC3
    ACR great game but confused where is he Machiavelli,Volpe,Da Vinci,Bartolomeo?

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    Assassins Creed Embers-game
    good or not?

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    can you please fix bomb challenges set 2 challenge name - "Craft one bomb of each effect type"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splinter_Cel575 View Post
    what happened to Machiavelli,Volpe,Da Vinci,Bartolomeo?
    We Need another assasins creed with ezio or play ezio/altair in AC3
    ACR great game but confused where is he Machiavelli,Volpe,Da Vinci,Bartolomeo?
    They are in Italy ofcourse, they don't need to show them in every game..

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    Hi all!
    Can i ask you something? I bought the Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ottoman Edition (PS3), i activated the uplay passport (the system downloaded something 100 kb file), and now I don’t know that I have all of the Ottoman Editon-content or i should do something to own those extras? Because I don’t find the Ottoman Doctor character, or other characters, plus maps for example and other Ottoman Edition-contents.
    Thnaks for your help!

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    One word: Awesome 10/10 (just like I rated each other game in the franchise)

    However, what I notice is that all of AC 2, Brotherhood and revelations are unlike AC1 in the sense that it's much more steered away from stealth and the original 'assassin' feel. In AC1 there was hardly any open fighting combat and you had to stealthily assassinate all targets. It's less of a requirement in all other games, including Revelations.
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    In my opinion, Ubi is adding way too much to the game to try and make it better. First of all the combat balance was ruined, all you have to do is mash the attack ****on while throwing in an occasional counter. The moves Ezio does now are way too much and it just makes it look unrealistic as well, especially when you kill the last man standing ans it goes to slow motion...It's definitly a bit corny in my opinion and makes it look like much more of a video game than a reaistic fight. Combat balanced out perfect in AC1 as you actually had to be patient and actually dodge, block, and attack at the right time to succeed. And ever since Brotherhood they took away the stealthiness, low profile theme of the game. I mean you are an Assassin and since when does an assassin want to be pointed out and noticed? By adding in so much combat and fighting to try and make the game more intense, it ruined the unique stealth feeling the game originally had. Also, why did Ubi take away the actual Assassination missions? Those were the best especially the cutscenes when Altair or Ezio would give them a final chance to "clear their conscience" before they sealed the deal. The style of the 2 most recent titles is completely different from the first two which is why so many people have lost interest when it comes to Revelations.

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    My late (but final) analysis

    I'll try to keep this concise. First off, pacing needs some work. The story was well developed but I didn't have to keep playing up until Seq 7. That's when it got good. I would suggest only keeping the story a bit more involved as some parts of Seq 4-6 were just kinda, there. Once I got to Seq 7 though, you guys blew me away! Out freaking standing! My favorite moments of AC history are contained there.

    Graphics are good but I still suggest more texture work and less on color. The color improvements are great but AC1 still to me has the greatest textures.
    The sound- overall it was good, swords need a bit more weight like AC1, more clang and less ching sound, music once again was perfect. Seq 7-9 actually gave me cold chills it was so perfect!!! Not joking!

    Missions variety was good, nothing to much to comment on. The only thing to watch is that with variety you tend to loose sight of the principle pillars of the game. Namely den defense, but you see what you did there so I won't rant!

    Overall a well designed game, good mechanics, good city choice, slightly underdeveloped story in parts mentioned but overall great. The assassin recruits were worked out in a much nicer fashion and sending them across all the countries to control was great as well.

    Only real problem i had was city layout and combat. For instance the city often was laid out in confusing ground paths that seemed quite narrow at times. That's okay but a little bit more space would work wonders. Also, the combat. I can only applaud you for making it more difficult but in a cheap kinda way. The jannisaries had great potential at having this intense sword fight but I'd like to see more on the lines of combo kills facing them. It would make it more intense. The part I didn't like was pulling out guns. I still firmly believe that guns don't belong in AC. You've pretty much made them balanced but I still oppose them. Also, WAY to may seekers. I felt like I was always disarming them alone and they're kinda a pain for messing up streaks. HOWEVER, don't make the game easier, just reduce their numbers a bit.

    And my biggest problem- Keep the counters short/quick and lethal. These look cool but they are FAR TO MUCH over the top. Altair's counters, just a quick stab and slice, one fluid motion type things, those gave the feeling of being a supreme Assassin. This is just too flashy.

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    I found revelations and awesome edition to the series and it could not have been a better round up for Ezio's story , i found the whole setting of Constantinople stunning and beautiful with the middle eastern music adding mystery to the atmosphere i thought the fighing system was fantastic and i loved the hook and run move , the game was crammed with secrets that i found a delightful treat , i was particuarly entertained with the diary of ishak pasha and the hagia sophia challenge from which i was thrilled to hear the original assassin creed music in the back ground , the whole game was a treat for me and i throughly enjoyed it !!.

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    Stalkers were amazing. Den Defense was alright for the first few times. Overall game-9.3/10

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