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    Does anyone here play any of the super smash bros games? I've got brawl and if there is a new one coming out, i'd love to see Rayman as a character[Now that they have third party characters]. What does anyone else think? If he was in it, these should be his special moves:

    Standard Special: Lum Shoot[Rayman 2 attack]
    Side Special: Heavy Meatal Fist [Rayman 3 red can]
    Up Special: Helicopter Hair [Dah!]
    Down Special: Golden Fist [Rayman 1 Powerup]
    Final Smash: Flying Shell [That rocket thing he flies to defeat Razorbeard with in the last level]

    It would be great if he was in one!

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    yeah would be great.. and in adventure mode must be a story of rayman 3 with globox as mate

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