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    I have been playing the No More Heroes game and I have reached thr rank 8 fight. I am stuck on an opponent called Shinobu. She is really kicking my butt and I can't seem to wear her down. So, who is the hardest assassin in the game?

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    Holly Summers. You'll see her after a few more fights. She's always the speed bump in my playthroughs. She set-up traps all over a beach, and is generally deadly from afar and close-up. It's moreso patience that you'll need while fighting her. Sometimes you just want to run straight at her and try to smack her around a bit. Bad choice.

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    Assasin number I ranked fight. Blocks EVERYTHING and I mean everything.

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    Here are the top five hardest bosses from most difficult to least: 'Real Ending', Shinobu, Dark Star, Bad Girl, Holly Summers. Shinobu is pretty intense for her ranking.

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    Honestly...Everyone get's easy after you get the Tsubaki MK-III. You can spam charged low attacks and get a easy victory. Here is my rankings some spoilers.

    Holly Summers
    Death Metal
    Dr. Peace
    Letz Shake

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    I can find a trick to beat ever one but Shinobu.
    that's why she so hard to beat.

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    yea shinobu tough but I agree with the dude, once u get Tsubakl MK III spam charge low attacks....but in bitter mode ohhhh man you better save up and get that battery thing.... NO MORE CHARGING, ULTRA SPAM!

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    I'm not quite a defencive player, if you know what I mean, but I though Holy, Shinobu and Henry pretty easy. Even #1 hasn't so hard.
    But let me tell ya, Destroyman REALLY pushed my buttons! I had to use my supreme cheat: let my boyfried kill him.

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    Either Shinobu Jones or Bad girl they kicked my *** so badly

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    I would say Bad Girl, if you don't know what's going to happen, you will die, I died like 5 times the first time.

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