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    I got this game bundled with a Creative Audigy 2 ZS board. At the same time I replaced the Gforce 2 withan ATI Radeon 9550. I installed it (plain old Splinter Cell) and it will not even start. The little Splinter Cel logo comes up on the desktop, stays there for a minute or so then I get an error message that says "SplinterCell.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." and wants to send an error message to microsoft. I have XP with sp2 on a Pentium 3 900mhz. It looks like my processor is fast enough, but just barely. Any ideas?

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    sorry, wrong forum!

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    Try reinstalling, it is fussy sometimes.

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    I did, twice. Thanks though.

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    did you update all of your drivers?

    EDIT: directX drivers too?

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    I just put in a brand new ATI 9550 w/256 mb of video ram and a new Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card. Downloaded and installed the latest drivers from their respective sites and I have Direct X 9.0c. Is there anything else? I would think that would cover it.

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    Any virtual drives, cd emulation software or other potential copying software installed on your computer? Sometimes it doesn't like them.

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    I've got exactly the same problem, and bought it with Sound Blaster Audigy card. Screen comes up, microsoft error sending finally opens. Reinstalled twice (it takes a bit).

    Maybe it has to have "exactly" the recommended AGP card. I've only got a 64 MB ATI Evil Wizard, and it isn't listed. Still, you'd think there would be some way to play the game, even at diminished capacity.

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    Yes, you will indeed need replace your video card to play this game and probably most other current ones. The "recommended" cards will usually work- not listed ones usually do not. At least there is not guarantee that they will. Newer games use new techniquies that require better hardware to perform them. One of these is Pixel Shading which requires a card that can do pixel shading.

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